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Ice Armour

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Scott Werstler, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. What can anyone tell me about Ice Armour fishing outerwear?
  2. It's expensive, other than that, I have a couple of friends who have some, they stay warm and dry.
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  3. I've felt the stuff before, and it's very thin, but I've heard it has great insulating properties. I don't know...$300 for the suit seems pretty steep to me.
  4. I've worn all sorts of under armor gear. From shirts to pants to skivvies to socks for hot and cold weather and from what I've seen if under armor says it will preform, it will preform. Its always expensive but it always seems to come through.
  5. Not UnderArmour, Jonsey, Ice Armor. It's made by the Clam corporation. It's strictly ice fishing apparel. Here's a link:
  6. $300 bucks ?!?!?!

    If it doesn't come with ICE....don't bother.
    It's near 50 degrees out there, man.:bloos:
  7. my bad...


    I guess from now on I shouldnt respond to posts about ice fishing since I know nothing about nothing on that subject. I apologize for dropping the ball fella's...
    actually I work for UA as a paid advertiser haha...i get paid to infilitrate forums and promote the product that a better excuse than

    "I'm an idiot??"

  8. Don't beat yourself up about it, Jones.
  9. A buddy has a suit, it is thin, but it blocks wind/water and keeps him warm. I'll just wear gore-tex and be dry and warm.
  10. Me too, 3 carhart bibs & coats for 1 ice armor... Cabela's has their version of the Ice Armor looks the same except hunter green instead of blue, they have a sale in the spring, if it is comperable might be a good deal???
  11. Thanks guys. BTW it wasn't for me, but a guy here at work who seems to always have money burning a hole in his pocket. I don't need a $300 suit either, especially since there's been no ice for 2 years.
  12. go to gander and get tec H2O it will work just as good you still need to wear warm stuff under it (over priced rain gear IMO)
  13. Go to michigan sportsman search and look for Artic armour Kd sports sells it it is not bulky and floats
  14. love my ice armor suit went out last 2 days on lake staint clair 0 degrees winds at 20+ didnt not feel the wind kept me nice and warm to. i use this suit all year when the temp calls for me to put it on
  15. Arctic Armor by IDI Gear - Buy at
    100 % Waterproof and Windproof Breathable Nylon Shell With Insultex Thermal Insulation
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Innovative Designs Inc. offers the Arctic Armor™Suit which will revolutionize the sport of ice fishing. Each Arctic Armor™ suit utilizes 3 layers of our exclusive thermal insulator INSULTEX™. One layer of INSULTEX™ protects a person to sub-zero temperatures. Multiple layers of INSULTEX™ can provide practically unlimited levels of insulation. INSULTEX™ is also windproof, waterproof and buoyant. Innovative Designs has perfected this design under the strictest guidelines to ensure buoyancy for fishermen. The Arctic Armor™ Suit, with INSULTEX™, consists of micro-air molecules trapped inside the fabric to enhance buoyancy. Keep warm and keep safe with the Arctic Armor™ Suit from Innovative Designs. It’s also great for snowmobiling or any outdoor cold weather sports.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][​IMG][/FONT]

    KD sells them on Michigan sportsman he has the bes price or did have