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Ice Conditions in Michigan City Harbor???

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by DonP, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Hey guys...

    I know this is a longshot... but I am checking this for a buddy of mine who might come down Saturday morning.

    What are the conditions in Michigan City??? Is there any fishable water yet???... or is is still locked up pretty good with ice?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!

    p.s. Yes... I am a new member on this site... but have been a member on the (sister site) since November 2000 with close to 2000 posts.
  2. Hey welcome DonP,
    I live about 15 minutes from MC harbor and the most recent I've heard was that it was still locked up pretty good with shelf ice.Stay clear of that. I' haven't made it over that way in awhile lately, however I know there is a few fish in Trail Creek right now if your interested in that. Maybe a few other fellas on here can help out too. PM me if I can be of any more help. Good luck

  3. Welcome to the Indianasportsman, Don.
  4. Hey Don, welcome to the forum!
  5. Hi Don and welcome to the site. You may try some of the warm water discharges up around Portage.
  6. Thanks Everyone!!

    Hey Guys...

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and information. Being a member on since 11/2000 ... I really don't feel like a newcomer. And actually... I have fished NW Indiana for the past 4 or 5 seasons early in the year and this coming fishing year I will be buying my 1st non-resident annual license for Indiana. The past 4 seasons I have opened my season by trailering my 18.5' Lund down to Portage or Michigan City... and every year... it has not disappointed me. Here's a blast from the past from my "opening day" last year on March 11th when we launched out of Portage and made the run to the Gary Light...


    I see now that I will have to bring some money along this year with the new Bass Pro opening right off exit 19. That is just tooooo darn convenient!! :lol:

    I also did like catching those whities off the pier early last spring in Michigan City too (along with the coho of course!!). I do like to chase after those whities... and if they're around... I have become pretty darn good on getting those tasty finned critters to cooperate!! ;) A "decent" day off the St. Joe pier in later Octorber... by the way... this is the new state flower for Michigan for the month of October!! :lol: (That "petal" on the lower left corner probably goes close to 5 lbs.) This also arises the question of.... what is the daily limit of whitefish in Indiana? (The daily limit in Michigan is 12)


    Mostly, I fish South Haven and St. Joe over the later spring, summer, and early fall... but early in the season I "head south young man... head south"!! :lol: Normally in the past... it has been a one-day license... but I would like to try and get down that way more often... hence the purchase of a non-resident annual for the coming year.

    If anyone has any questions about fishing SW Michigan (or elsewhere in Michigan for that matter)... please feel free to give me a holler... or head on over to and ask your questions there. Being a "sister site" to this one... the format is basically the same... and we have a very good group of guys there too... just the same as you guys have here!!

    Again... thanks for the warm welcome... and I definitely won't be a stranger in the future!!

    Oh... by the way... since my buddy would be coming down from the Kalamazoo area... I think he is going to take a pass on coming down this weekend.... but we are definitely keeping our eyes peeled in that direction for the very near future!! Come on open water... let the games begin!!
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  7. I'm with you Don, I love the early run at Portage, and M.C. I migrate to St joe in the summer, we'll have to try and hook up this summer.

    Tight Lines!

  8. Ok... let's try this again!!

    Ok Guys....

    Another weekend... another opportunity to fish!! :lol:

    I am being asked again to find out the conditions of the MC Harbor. I myself might join my buddy and come down this time. A "little birdie" got ahold of me this morning and let me know that the local (to me) river is starting to open up pretty good. I also see that we are in for some rain on Thursday too which will be one of those "good thing/bad thing" type deals. It will be good because it will flush out the rivers... but will be bad because they will be awfully muddy too with the runoff and all. The rain also will not be good for the ice for ice fishing (to say the least)! I hate it when ya can't plan anything because of "Mother Nature"! :lol:

    I guess if it don't rain too much... the rivers should be ok. To be honest... I am secretly hoping that conditions will be such... that I can't get down that way to fish until April 1st!! (And yes... I will "bite my tongue" for that last statement for all you guys that fish the harbor down there! :lol: ) That way I won't have to buy those 1 day'ers (license). But after that... you guys will be seeing alot more of me down that way come this spring. Oh... by the way... it will be easy to spot me too. Just look for the YELLOW Dodge Ram 1500 with a hardtop tonneau cover (which is yellow too). ;)

    So... we will have to see what Mother Nature is going to deal us this weekend. Might just have to troll the local river for some steel in hopes of catching all "ladies" to stock up on the fresh spawn!! :biggrin: We did VERY good last year doing that... and am definitely not hurting for any steelhead spawn. Over the course of a month last winter... we had landed 20 fish... and 16 of them were females!! :woohoo1: I guess it must have been those pheromones my little boat was exuding!! :lol:

    I am pretty flexible... if it swims... and is eatible... I fish for it! As a matter of fact... am having leftover bluegill from a Sunday eveing fish fry for lunch today!! Sorry to say for you guys... I only have enough for ME!! :lol:

    Once again... thanks in advance for the info on the Michigan City Piers/Harbor. One of these days I will come down there and everyone that wants to learn how to fish for those whities... I will divulge "some" of my secrets!! (I can't show ya ALL my secrets!!) :lol:

    By the way... feel free to PM me if you don't want the "whole world" to see! ;)
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  9. Oh Sure Don, get my hopes up and squish'em like a Bug....

    Actually I have been so busy at work I haven't even called my buddies up in MC for a couple of weeks (also partly due to the fact they they're Bears fans and I rubbed em pretty hard...)

    You may give Chapstick Charlie a bump he is a very good source of info on MC