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Ice Fishing Camera Cheap

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Hey Ice Fishers, Here's a pretty good deal from Harbor Freight.

    I ran across this coupon, I have one of these cameras and love it...

    almost time to sharpen the augers..

  2. These are great little camera's for the money!

    I have one and have been playing around with it for a while, you can hook a VCR up to it and record all the action...

  3. Ahh ice. Can't wait. Hope we have a longer season than last year. Although I got on the ice the earliest I can recall at Dec.7th. I thought we would be on till March! Sadly, I was way off. Where do you icefish the most at Hoosier?
  4. We start out here around Warsaw (Center, Pike & Winona), and North Webster, then in February we head up to Higgins lake in Roscommon Mich for perch and smelt!

    Not wanting to rush the season, but I hope we get more Ice this year too! We had an Ice outing for the board planned but the lack of ice stymied the outing, hope we can do it this season!
  5. I am game for an ice gathering! I live for the ice......... I love it when it comes, and curse at it when it goes. :biggrin:
  6. I cant wait, I would rather ice fish than summer fish with the over populations on Indiana lakes in the summer time. It is very frustrating in the summer with all the jet ski's and skiers on the water at 6 AM.
  7. You are preaching to the choir!!!!!!!!!:evilsmile