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Ice fishing contest this Saturday

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by sam, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Everyone here is invited:

    Braggin' Rights Info: Here is information for the Braggin'Rights. The only thing thats not on this is the catch and release rule. Anglers who want to catch and release must have a digital camera to take photo's of there catch. If it is a muskie or pike measurements must be witnessed by someone from the opposing team. Everyone is welcome to come on out and fish. Any questions PM me (rico) or call 260-917-0180

    Have had a lot of questions concerning entry fees. Here they are....You dont have to pay to enter but you must register to fish for one team or the other before heading out. We have the three categories panfish, game fish, and rough fish. If you want to get into the money thing. It will cost you $5 per category. You can enter all categories, or just one or two. The angler catching the longest fish in each category wins all the money that was put into that category. There also will be a biggest fish pot. That will cost $1. And that includes everything. The angler with the longest fish period wins the money that was put into that. On one other note...on the catch and release thing, the photographed fish must be of legal size.