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Ice Fishing Forum?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Steve, Jan 2, 2005.

Should this site have a seperate ice fishing forum?

  1. yes

    15 vote(s)
  2. no

    3 vote(s)
  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Well I'll get things started here with a poll. Is the general feeling that we want an ice fishing forum here?
  2. I think it would be great to have an ice fishing section. If people see it they might be more likely to post this time of year. I'd like more info on Indiana ice fishing.:) How about a campfire?
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  3. I too would like to see an icefishing forum. The reports are great but I like to see others tips and technique's.
  4. Yes I think a Ice Fishing forum will be usefull and fun.
  5. I also think an Ice Fishing forum would be great.It would also help people keep track of safe ice conditions.I have got all my gear ready but the ice just hasn't been thick enough for me over here in West Central Indiana.Sure hope I get a chance to get on that ''Hard Water" this year.
  6. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    You got one.
  7. Great on the forum Steve, now if you could only get us some ICE!

  8. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    I'll see what I can do ;)
  9. Got ta have an ice fishing forum here. I believe there are more hardwater nuts in Indiana then anyone would suspect.
  10. Ice????

    I only made a few trips out on hard water last winter and none of those were on of any size, just farm ponds cause wasnt sure bout ice conditions elseware. Id like to see an icefishing fourm added.
  11. Where has this guy been hiding? Come out and play jigginstick!!!!!!
  12. frozen fish

    ice is always good at kroger:corkysm55