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Ice fishing tourn.

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Turpie, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Does anybody no of any icefishing tournements in NE Indiana?
  2. The guys have a contest. Check out the Indiana Chat

  3. Yes there us a derby at fish lake always the 1st. Sat. in Feb.. Fish lake is west of North Liberty on hwy.# 4 6 or 8 miles. I used to fish it every year, but havent made it for the last two. They run a good derby, its the property owners assn. run out of the legion hall. They have a good turn out with good food, drawings etc.etc..

  4. Fish Lake on Sat Feb 4, 06

    There is a 5 dolllar cover charge and then a dollar a species for fish. Apparently Fish Lake is a chain of 3 lakes and you can fish any of the 3 lakes for that tourney.
    Have Fun!:)