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Ice Left / Conditions???

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Well, with our weather mess, anyone have any info/reports on the ice shape of lakes - James, Snow, Otter, Clear...or further south as far as that goes? I image there's a lot of slush that needs to freeze up. Would like to try this weekend, but don't care to take chances. Any word to the wise would be appreciated.
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Kosciusko county area lakes were sporting a solid 4 inches of ice, possibly more under the slush over the super bowl weekend. Warmer weather may have thinned it some but at least in the channel where I was it was thick and solid.
I haven't had the chance to go but I've driven by a couple of lakes and have seen guys fishing. I haven't seen any open water around the edges. We didn't get that much rain. Thats a lot harder on the ice than warmer weather.
The Lakes in Warsaw Still appear to have Ice on them, how much? I don't know.. Hope this cool snap firms things back up a bit... Good Luck out thee and Be-Safe!!:yikes:

All the lakes around Terre Haute still have ice on them. They are starting to crack though. I sure wish it would hurry up, there's cold weather crappie to be hooked!:fish:
I went fishing tonight on Appleman Lake in Lagrange County. The Ice was in good shape. About 6 inches of hard ice. Found the fish with the vexilar but they weren't biting much. I'll try again tomorrow.
We're going to try again tonight (Friday) as well. :fish:

Good luck to everyone who ventures out...
Be Safe and Tight Lines!

Fished Silver lake sat. afternoon evening. Ice was 6 + inches of good hard ice. Don't know what the rain in the forecast will do to it today. Fishin was slow.
Saturday Ice...

We fished Tri County Saturday and the Ice was still 6inced or more, but.. It was popping and cracking quite a bit, these warm temps and rain (predicted) may signal the end to our ICE season. Might have to make a run up North to find decent ice

Fishing was extremely slow everyone was marking fish, but few could get them to bite.:fish2:
Fish "Timeout"

Fished Clear Lake, yesterday (Sat.). Ice was great - All frozen over hard & 8-10" thick. Trouble was fish not only weren't interested, we didn't see many go through our holes. Where we did well last weekend, things were very slow this time. Guys around said it had been slow since Wed. with the thought that fish had moved into deeper water a while. Did grab a 20" walleye on a genz worm tipped with a wiggler at daylight. After that, a "sorry" 2 perch & a rock bass until noon. If we get temps back low after the next 2 rain days, I think there's hope to extending the ice season.

I hope you're right, but I'm afraid this rain's gonna seriously hamper our ice fishin...
I started getting my boat electronics out and ready to go this afternoon....:dizzy:
(getting ready to troll for Coho in Mich City in March...)
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