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Ice Safety

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by treehugger, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Many of us will be heading out for ice fishing this weekend and I am looking forward to it. I haven't gone in several years. For those of you that go a lot, what kind of safety items/precautions do you take with you for a day on the ice?
  2. 1. Someone that's heavier than yourself.
    2. Cell phone wraped in waterproof bag.
    (first two are for you, Randy)
    3. Spud bar to check ice as you go
    4. Set of spikes worn around the neck to help climb out if need be.

  3. I carry a pair of spikes around my neck like Quail mentioned. I also carry a 100ft. section of rope with a float and loop on one end. Better to have it and not need it , than need it and not have it right?

  4. For #'s 1 & 2 I want to take # 4 and cinch them around your neck!!! :cwm27: I guess you owed me that for the "deer with antlers" post yesterday. :dizzy: Thanks for # 2, I will do that...this time!
  5. Tree, I take a float cushion out the first time on the lake with a rope tied to it and a spud bar to check the ice in front of me. I walk out with about 30-50 foot of rope trailing me. If I go through, my buddy can pull me out. If I'm by myself, I tie it to a dock or tree untill I find out if the ice is safe. After you drill a hole and its safe, you can use the cushion on a bucket to sit on. Good Luck this weekend
  6. I try to send 410 out in front of me when I can get him out of the house and away from Richards long enough to go.
  7. I just look for where scott has fallen through and avoid those areas...

    Other than that, i just take my floats, and is a natural insulator...
  8. Man, I am a complete and total puss. I am scared to death of the ice. I don't know why. I've got all the gear to ice fish, but I haven't gone in probably 15 or more years. I want to want to go, but I just can't make myself step out on that ice.:gaga:
  9. I've seen guys wear those carbon dioxide inflatable life preservers- Hand spikes are easy to make - a couple pieces of broom stick with holes drilled and a nail with the head removed driven in and holes for a string so you can hang it around your neck. If you go through flip your 5 gallon gear/seat bucket over and it will keep you up in the water. Remember in cold weather -cracking noises usually mean the ice is getting thicker!

    Thoreau said about ice fishing- "Heaven isn't just overhead but under our feet as well"
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  10. Well tmarsh is right, take Scott, tree he seems to fine the weak spots. Went to a pond Tuesday evening and set for a hour and a half and never got the first bite. Jim and I are going to start hitting some lake that this cold cold cold weather is going to break a little. Will hit Scott's ponds and drill a few hole to give the fish so air. There is 7 of us going to the pheasant forever dinner Sat. evening. Tree my advise is to go with someone or make sure there is pople on the ice when you get there. Good luck Man
  11. I am surprised that noone has mentioned Beer as an ice fishing survival tool.............???????????????????????

    All kidding aside, there is plenty of ice up here in N. Indiana now. I went to a lake yesterday and I'm betting that there was nerely 9 inches. of ice now. There is at least one company that makes a flotation jacket that can be warn for safety. Anyone ever bought one of these jackets???
  13. ONe should perhaps stick with the brands with the word Ice in the name....after all this is precisely why these beers were named with the word Ice in them. They are Ice Fishing beers. Most people thought that their higher aclohol content was a marketing tool to get us hooked on it quicker....NOT SO. The higher alcohol content actually relaxes the nerves and thins the blood; that way, while you're waiting to be rescued you are calm and warm. The icy cold water feels warm and soothing...much like a jacuzzi.

    Sorry everyone......:dizzy:!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A message to Steve: The above statement is proof positive that I am ready and fully capable of being a moderator on this site. Do the right thing Steve!!!!!!
  14. With the bitter temps would it be acceptable to build a fire on the ice to keep warm while fishing?
  15. another reason to use the "ice" beers while ice fishing is that they tend to remain in the liquid form longer than your average "light" beers. They make the "ice" beers with a higher alcohol/volume content just for this reason. i found this out the hard way last saturday when our beer froze and we were only half way through it! don't take coors light out on the will freeze!