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Icefishing outing revisited.....

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by crookedlake92, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. It seems just like yesterday, all of the talk of an icefishing outing. Sure would be nice to meet up for some good times and good fishing...... Will someone give me Mother Natures list of demands so we can get back on track! I'm dying over here!
  2. I'm with ya, brother. I only got out about 6 or 7 times...only had one tip-up run. Something's wrong with that. Either get cold or get warm!

  3. We fished quite a bit for December, caught quite a few. The problem is, I need at least 2 1/2 months of ice in order to act like a decent human being!
  4. I would rather it get warm now and stay that way but that probably won't happen so whatever makes it best for fishin' I'm all for it. I haven't ice fished for several years so I'm up to trying it again if the conditions are right...a guy gave me permission to ice fish on his lake so let's get ready to rumble!!!
  5. I've really gotten into ice fishing the last couple of years and am quite dissatisfied with the weather situation. I don't know if anybody read the post, but I actually fished Clear Lake out of the deep vee on Sunday. It was awful, but I was fishing.
  6. Not familiar with Clear Lake, where's it located? What kind of fish? What kind of deep V you drivin?
  7. Clear Lake in Steuben...state record rainbow and northern came from there. Nice walleye in there too. Got a 16 ft. Smokercraft with a Merc. 15 hp el. st. Clear is either feast or famine. When you leave, you'll be cursing it or praising it. Oh, by the way, big smallies in there too.
  8. I've got a 16 ft. Grumman Deep V, 9.9 electric start Evinrude. How big are the Northerners? I love hooking onto those things! What about the smallies?
  9. Your right about that! I've experienced both. The Northern Pike record your referring to, was almost broke by an ice angler just a couple years ago. I'm sure there's another state record in there getting fat on trout.
  10. I would be willing to bet that there is a state record fish of every species present in that lake. The lean times there are very humbling, though.
  11. Right on James! Clear is one of my favorite lakes! In the spring the smallmouth fishing is killer.......... If I could just figure out how to catch the walleyes I see in the spring. Biggest trout (rainbow) I've ever caught came out of Clear also. There is definitely a chance of catching a state record (any species) out of that lake.
  12. crookedlake92,

    I've done best for the walleyes around the weed edges of the island. They seem to roam back and forth along the edges. Sometimes there on the outside drop, and other times they are on the inside edge. I've notice they tend to be on the inside edge just around dusk, and just before dawn. After that, you will do better on the outside edge. I've caught them fishing cranks and small plastics.