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Ideas on how to keep trespassing from your hunting property

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by rackstalker, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. I have had a fair amount of trespassing on my hunting property. Its posted well on all borders with name and phone number on the signs. My signs also read hidden cameras on property. I have 8 deer cams on main trails for deer and security. This has not kept my hunting property clean of trespassers. Is there any ideas on what to do to help this problem? And what to do when you catch a trespasser? Thanks guys --------Rackstalker
  2. The best thing to do is not confront them alone. Call the local police, sheriff, and or DNR. Confront the tresspasser with an officer and press charges. Soon people will get the point.

    Now if you live in a sub-division and see someone fishing that doesnt have permission....DONT call the police, just kindly ask me...I mean the fisherman to leave.

  3. Shoot 'em. Then they won't come back!!!! Just kidding fellas!!

    I finally got sick of one of these scoundrels this past fall. The dummy actually tried to turn this doe in that he shot (about 10 min. after legal time) on our side of the fence on a regular firearms tag. Long story short...The C.O. recognized the guys name when the check station called him and he was arrested. I'd go through your local CO. Eventually they'll get busted.
  4. It's hard to be rational when you catch'em red handed but Dean and Bocephus are correct. Have an officer of the law with you or call right away. If they were afraid of the property owner, they wouldn't be there in the first place. We've had alot of trouble with tresspassers, mostly picking my mushrooms.....Talk about being robbed!
  5. Picking a guys mushrooms?...that just ain't right. :bash:
  6. Conservation officers as well as local or county police do not want to "run people off your place".

    If you willsign the ticket(s) I can almost guarantee that the tresspassing will stop. I had the problem only a couple times in Switzerland county and the word got around. Two tickets, tresspassing and hunting without permission, total fines 226.00.

    Folks word got around fast!
  7. Hmmmmm. So I'm not the only one that has noticed this. For every 1 year of Deer Trespassing incidents, we have had 10 years of Mushroom Trespassing incidents. What is it with these $25/pound morsels that drives these theives???

    Remedy #1..........I let 2 local Law-enforcement officers mushroom hunt our ground. Didn't get rid of all of the "bold" shroom hunters overnight......but fewer and fewer are showing up after being confronted by shiney metal objects that resemble badges either in the woods or when the arrive home.

    Remedy #2...........Press charges on all trespassers. That's why we have the laws we do and the officers we do..........use them. They are to protect the good people, not the bad people that have no respect for what's the right thing to do. I practise zero tolerance..........because nobody needs to tolerate these types of behaviors on their ground that they have purchased, leased, or maintain for the rights of enjoyment that is due coming to them. (As you can tell, trespassing is a pet peave of mine)

    Quote of the Day...................."A Good Fence Makes a Good Neighbor" ;)
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  8. Tresspassers in Spring aren't "Fun gis"!!!

    Uh oh..Scarlet. You aren't emplying hunting behind a fence...are you?? Just kidding scarlet...I was just trying to get some more hate mail for myself. The fence hunting thread took off like a wild fire.

    I think since people don't tote a weapon, with potential to fire it and alert others (see: landowners), they are more apt to trespass during 'shroom season. Always look for the guys who wear camo. Uh ehm...Bocephus, you got your ears on buddy????
  9. I admit it, I do some ghetto fishing.

    I usually drive around until I find a nice pond in an addition, country club people love ponds but dont fish them. I guess they arent as amart as they pretend to be. Anyway, I find these ponds and if there is a house for sale on the a potential buyer! I park in the driveway to these empty houses and fish that back yard. Ive found alot of nice places on the water, lol. Maybe someday i'll buy one, but for now im just a potential buyer. I have had people run me off and Ive had people bring me ice tea on hot days. I also like fishing these interstate ponds, most owned by large companies. If its posted I wont fish, but if its not posted I fish.
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  10. i always wear camo ?:help:
  11. mushroom road hunters

    I know of some southern Indiana "natives" that trespass for mushrooms. They would park on the side of the road and go steal shrooms and take off (kind of modified road hunting). Anyway, they kept a cooler in the back of the pickup with the days take of shrooms and other cold beverages. I guess one of the guys they trespass on caught wind of what was going on and the trespassers came back to their truck to find the cooler in the back empty and supposedly one of their tires flat and a window bashed in.
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  12. That right there will go farther than havin' the guy arrested...slashin' his tires and taking his adult beverages. I see this during mushroom season and deer season all up and down SR 63 in Vigo County. People pull off the side of the highway and park on the shoulder and go huntin' up the hill off the highway...on people's land they don't even know. Nothin' like drivin' down the highway and see guys carryin' shotguns along the side of the road. Talk about road kills...the highway is littered with 'em after these guys hit the woods and get 'em stirred up...on people's land they don't even know.

  13. You Play You Pay.

    Where I hunt in Brown county is private property, its about 500-600 acres that just me and two buddies have permission to hunt. There is one idiot that runs his ATV all hours of the day down the trails through our property. This idiot even rode through the woods under my buddies stand...he was very upset. When he sees us he splits pretty fast and wont let us talk to him. Well he has cut a pretty good atv trail so we are going to put about 200 nails through a 4x8 piece of plywood and cover it with leaves on his trail. Where this will happen is so far down in a bottom that he will have to leave his ATV. This will give us a chance to meet him up close. He knows what hes doing and knows we are after him. I would just call the local sheriff, but this guy is "in and out" so fast it wouldnt matter. He stays just long enough to get you really pissed and ruin your day. All I have to say is....You PLAY You PAY!!
  14. Get 'im, Bo. Slap him once for me, too.