IDNR & IWDHM to start pilot CDAC programs

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  1. Indiana DNR and Indiana Whitetailed Deer Herd Mangement group are kicking off a pilot program called County Deer Advisory Councils. This is very similar to what Wisconsin does in an effort to get stakeholder input.....including hunters, into managing the deer numbers in the various counties across the state. The IDNR is supporting starting these as a pilot program in Wabash, Howard, Huntington and Hamilton counties. Anyone interested in being a part of this or involved either as a concerned citizen or more are being invited to attend the informational meetings. For more information check out the IWDHM facebook page or e-mail

    Wabash - 2/23 @ 6pm Bass & Bucks Inc. 4890 West Millcreek Pike, Wabash, IN
    Howard - 3/4 @ 9am Rogers Pavilion Highland Park, 902 West Deffenbaugh Street, Kokomo, IN
    Huntington - 3/25 @ 9am Andrews Lions Club 365 Leedy Lane, Andrews, IN
    Hamilton - 4/22 @10am Koteewi Archery Range 11909 Koteewi Drive, Nobelsville, IN
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  2. Pretty sure the IDNR isn't supporting these. These groups are going out on their own to perform whatever studies they want to make it fit their own agenda. Anyone can make that outcome work, which is why the IDNR isn't riding along.
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  3. Whitetaildave you are misinformed. The DNR is supporting this pilot because they have shown interest in the program. Also the CDAC is a public meeting with councils made up of all stakeholders. I.e. Tourism, ag, forestry, transportation etc. i would encourage you to attend a meeting to see how it works.
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  4. None for any county I hunt, so I'm good. I know about the group and that's about as far as I'm going to get.
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  5. I support the Indiana Whitetail Deer Herd Management and what they our doing, working on saving our deer herd so our children will be able to hunt in the future. Yes the DNR is sharing information about the whitetail deer with them and tonight Wabash County CDAC Program will be the first County to kick it off. Wabash County CDAC Pilot Program, 6pm, Feb. 23rd at Bass & Bucks, 4890 West Millcreek Pike, Wabash In. 46992.
  6. This is a good thing. It allows those hunters in their own county have a place to get their voices heard. Hopefully the DNR will listen and use this as a way to get public input on how things are going on more of a localized level. Too many times I feel like the DNR doesnt really have the resources to know what is going on and too many people just assume they do. If each county council listens to the people and only recommends what the majority want, I dont see how IWDHM's agenda is being pushed. It's going to be the agenda of the regular folks.
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  7. Is the end result of this supposed to be county by county regulations? In other words a severe case of micromanagement.
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  8. Only looks like 4 counties to me! Why not every county??
  9. This is a pilot program at the moment (and IS being supported by the DNR) - the intent would be to set one up in every county, but the DNR is taking small steps. The intent is not to micromanage but to get more localized feedback in the process (from various localized stakeholders......hopefully including hunters). I figure it may impact the bonus antlerless numbers. I doubt it will allow for different regulation changes, but it may be a great tool for hunters to impact those bonus antlerless quota numbers that many hunters think are too high. I think Wisconsin has a similar process they use. Again - this is just a pilot program at the moment and I think we hunters need to capitalize on this opportunity.
  10. Have you ever been to Indiana? County by county maybe too large of parcels for effective management strategies.
  11. They have assembled a council for Ohio as well.
  12. im skeptical at best.
  13. Besides a two and a half year stint in Colorado in the early 90s, I've lived and hunted here my entire life.
  14. My county has a "bonus" of 3. It used to be an 8.
    IMHO, having been around most of the place, it at best should have been a 2.
    The state set the quota.
    Now it looks like the folks living/breathing deer hunting in a given spot can offer better info to the state.
    IMHO my county should be a "1" as far as bonus goes.
    Sure some deer hunters freak out and think that people will blast 2 does on archery tags, one with MZ and THEN hammer 3 does with bonus.
    Maybe some folks are that greedy.
    I personally know of nobody like that.
    Maybe I run in better circles.
    With the instant check, game hogs will skirt the issue by illegal check in (if they check it in).
    Might even have to go back to paper tags LOL.

    Lemme many does have my bud and I taken in the last decade...............oh yeah, two.

    Thrown away plenty of tags.

    Do think a "bonus" should be available, a guy can buy a bow tag, a bonus and a gun tag............can hunt either sex in bow and gun. Think it smart to do it that way, since bonus tags became usable in first archery.
  15. I'd even go along with a 2 doe state wide limit (inclusive of 1 per home county).
    Need more deer than that in your freezer? Have more family hunt.
    Personally, I'd like to keep hunting as a sport, not degrade it to grocery shopping with a bullet/arrow.