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If you were in charge...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by anon782010, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. What would you do if you were in charge of the DNR for a day?

    What would be on your "to do" list?

    Personally here is mine...

    1)Lock in the OBR . . . FOR-EVER...
    2)Make firearms season, SHOTGUN season
    3) Make shotgun season start the friday after thanksgiving through the following sunday (10 days)
    4)Make concrete boat ramps mandatory for every public lake
    5)Raise non-resident licenses across the board...especially Deer...

    What do you guys want to change...
  2. Well tmarsh I would not make every boat ramp nice. Reason beening then everyone could fish my secret lakes. OBR FOREVER

  3. your list plus a size limit on crappie, bring back the lifetime license, i am going to catch hell for this but make crossbows illegal ,
  4. I've thought you were holding out on me, what secret lakes???

  5. I like em ted...all of em...
  6. Here we go!

    1) I would enact a limit on Perch- There is no limit in inland lakes! I think that is nuts. There is a limit on Rock Bass, but not perch.... what the hell!2) Raise the out of state licenses across the board. 3) Make stiffer fines for those caught littering on public lakes. 4) Take a closer look at lakes with 14" size limits to contemplate slot instead. I'm sure I'll come up with something else. ​
  7. Make all urban areas during deer season archery only!
    Shorten the firearm season to 7 days.
  8. I would make crossbows legal in the early season for the handicapped and for citizens over a certain age. I would also extend late archery season through the end of January.
  9. i would make turkey season come in about 3 weeks earlier and have it last a month. I would also impose stricter law for people who purposely interfere with hunters.
  10. 1) Make an open season year round on coyotes( i know about the permission thing ya can)
    2.) Have a primitive ML season w/o scopes before any firearms season on deer.
    3.) Have a sandhill crane season in the fall
    4.) Extend the North/SJBP zone canada goose season until Mid. February
    5.) Allow NO RIFLES for deer hunting
    6.) Check for Gun shot residue on the 5 year old kid that his dad drags to the check in station with a small buck to check in for him.
  11. While I have a great many opinions, I also know they are just that.
    Without a great deal of research into something, I would not feel justified in making a single change.
    Just having the chance to do it, wouldn't be enough to justify doing it.
    For me anyway.

    Even the handgun cartridge thing.
    As firmly as I support it(and you all know just how strongly I do), I still would not feel justified in forcing it into law just because I could.
    Now, after I had looked into a few things, a change or two might be in order. . . .
  12. 1. lock in OBR....forever I would do this very first incase my day got cut short
    2. NO rifles for deer hunting
    3. bring back lifetime licenses
    4. stiffer fines for littering on public lands as well as lakes.... I hunt at mississenawa alot and there is alot of ppl that will leave trash behide when they leave.
    5. also would make stifer laws towards illegaly taking a game animal.
  13. aman to that. plus i wluld love to see 2 spring gobblers.
  14. Eliminate the OBR.

    Make all hunting regulations in force in Indiana consistent and enforced consistantly in every county in the state. No more special urban exemptions or north or south of US 40 kind of baloney. If you want to leave Indianapolis and do it in some one's back yard in Brown county you can expect the same to be going on in your own back yard at home.

    Double or triple the out of state license fees.

    Eliminate all depredation permits and out of season hunting.

    Declare all native game animal species in the state to be public property and make it illegal to keep captive any native game animal for ANY REASON.

    Reinstate the PERF eligibility for all state employees so they at least have the option of contributing to their own retirement.
  15. Create a season for should see all of the tournaments on the lakes up here before Memorial Day! Out-of-state guys just raping our lakes before their bass season comes in. Oh, and triple the non-resident license fees.