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IMHO, would subjegate your 2nd amendment rights by requiring you to complete a safety class of which the standards are to be determined by the super intendant,

...(2) provide evidence that the person has successfully
completed a handgun safety training course conducted under standards established by the superintendent.

I am personally opposed to any type of requirment such as this just because it gives low level buarocrats who are often not even elected essentially the power to gut your constitutional rights by simply increasing the red tape to the level it is impossible to satisfy.

I say hold the individual responsible for their actions and there fore responsible for their own knowledge and level of training. Prosecute the action which is easily established not some ambiguous opinion of their level of competence.

Synopsis: Handguns. Requires a person to complete a handgun safety course before receiving a handgun license. Amends the definition of "dealer" as it relates to the sale of handguns. Requires a handgun dealer to wait seven business days after obtaining background information from a prospective purchaser before selling, renting, trading, or transferring a handgun to the purchaser. Prohibits a person from obtaining more than two handguns during a calendar month.

click here for the full bill
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