In his dreams!

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  1. Here is a teenager with some unrealistic expectations!

  2. looks like dean in his younger years

  3. Fin what do you mean young years, it looks like him now SLOW and can't get up. HA!HA!HA! Well the boy has got a idea in his head. I know how I was when I was a teenager.
  4. Actually, it does look like me somewhat...the only difference is that the gal wouldn't have bolted like that. Good thing there weren't any cameras involved though. On the other hand.......????
  5. Actually, I'll take this photo to talk about something. By this picture you could assume that the Rut was on. What I'm saying is that there are so many people out there that assume that when a buck chases a doe that the breeding period is on. The "chasing period" as some call it precedes the actual breeding period. How many times have you seen a male dog mount a female one when the female is nowhere near estrus? Someone start a rut forum so we can talk about it.......
  6. Dean-
    Actually this picture has nothing to do with what it appears to, if I posted the whole series what you would see is an agressive spike that was pushing the rest of his family group (which consists of another spike, his mom and two juvenile does) off of the mineral lick. He's just a hog that wants it all to himself. The camera just happend to catch him in a compromising position.:lol:
  7. Freud would have a heyday with this young fella....yeah Munster I've seen other videos/pictures of deer running other ones off of food plots, etc. Some deer, and not just bucks, are real nasty characters towards their other members. Not exactly a Disney moment...
  8. Dean...I think they meant you were the one in front about to get mounted!!! :yikes:
  9. And this comes from the guy in the Treehugger joke posted by Cary. At least the doe is TRYING to escape and not chained to a tree.

    EXIT ONLY my friend!!!!!!

    P.S. Randy, have you ever thought about those hair dyes on T.V???? They look pretty cool......:cheeky-sm
  10. Yes, I have but decided to keep it natural...How did your appointment go at the Hair Club for Men?
  11. They told me they couldn't help me.....
  12. That's becouse they deal with the outter head, not the inner mind.
  13. looks to me like the buck is still in velvet ... so its not the chase phase .... altho i have seen immature bucks try to mount does right after sheddin velvet .... have sum great footage of a buck chasin a yearling doe for a long period (til i got bored and cut the cam) with the yearlings mother tryin to fend the buck off ... this was way before the actual "pre-rut" ..... the younger ones sure dont know much about timing ... thats why i dont get serious bout killin a big boy til "rut" .... i mean i have killed them earlier ... but nov 7th or so is the start of "PRIME" time to make a kill ...the buck hasnt started erratic movements out of his core area yet .... and gets a lil silly with lovin on his mind ... brings down his guard ....hint ... the first day ya see young bucks (1 1/2 -2 1/2 yrs olds) chasin does .... thats when ya need to start huntin aggressive scrape lines as many hours as possible .... til then stay outta that core area and probe the outter fringes ... never huntin the same tree more than 2 consecutive days .... mature bucks seem to pattern people as well as sum hunters pattern deer (just a suggestion seems to work for me)
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