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in-line muzzleloaders

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. AGREE or DISAGREE:Hunters who use scoped,in-line muzzleloaders are violating the spirit of the law, and their guns are no more "primitive" than most centerfire deer rifles.
  2. Disagree..............You only get one shot and thats it.....Usually!!! Why not go back to the old side hammer muskets with flint and bows made of ash toting homemade wooden arrows. In my eyes modern equipment goes along way in aiding the hunter to accurately place his bullet or arrow. Most modern hunters have to work for living, spend time with family etcc....etc...They do not have the time to spend honing their skills on ancient equipment. If we all had to use the traditional equipment there would be alot more animals in the woods mamed and injured suffering needlessly.

    Let me pose a question.............Go back in time when the Indians were the only ones hunting this country..............If they had modern archery equipment laying beside antique bows made of wood...............which would they have choosen???

  3. Disagree:
    They may be much more accurate, but you've still got to load them from the muzzle end.
  4. Would this mean if I use my old Hawkins that I would have to use flint or power instead of a cap. I DISAGREE. I do have a TC inline muzzleloader, and yes I have a scope on it and I use 209 primers instead of the old caps.
  5. Disagree

    While Todays Inlines Are A Little More Reliable, Thay Are Still Not Foolproof. Moist Powder Still Plays A Factor With Shot Reliability, You Still Only Have One Shot And You Still Have To Load It From The
    I Might Agree That The Scope Is Cheating "primitive" A Little.
  6. Iwould say alot not a LITTLE
  7. I never did like modern frontloaders,i started hunting with a caplock hawken,yes i see the 'spirit 'gone in moderns,I was always a member of Nat. Muzzleloading Rifle Association and you see nothing but the old way there,it tends to make you biased.As a comparison its like wearing fake fur.
  8. Well if this is true, then the use of a compound instead of the old recurve is not good either. RIGHT
  9. That is your call pal.
  10. Disagree:
    and for second ? I would say the new compound he would pickup
  11. What I am getting at is the old muzzleloader or the new in-line muzzleloader you still load both the same way, from the end, the different is not you can use caps or 209 primers, power or power pellets and last a scope on the in-line.
    Now the recurve bow you use a string & wood (old style), now the compound yes a string and now fiberglass, steel and alum. Then you add different cams, different draws, different arrow rests, sites & SCOPES and the list goes on. Now back to the question that Brewer ask Agree or disagree about the different with the muzzleloader/ scope on inline muzzleloader, the same can also be compared with bows/compound.
  12. Yes the same can be said about bows,but its all just personal preferance,everthing gets refined in time,bows ,guns,cars,tv's,ect.,i guess its evolution.I just like the history in muzzleloaders,they work just fine,but im not going back to a model A car!
  14. I would say, this same answer could be used for the original question...
    I also like the point Hoyte rocks made... "Indian" no worky, all time to hunt, for food of course, nad "Us", all worky to pay for meat and everthing else :rolleyes: and not much time for hunting

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  15. No Brewer, I have a TC in-line I use power pellets and pistol bullets. All I did is to bring up about the differents with bows. You still load the bows the same (arrow on the string).