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IN opener Double Bull- Double

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by HuntinIN, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Me and Hoyt_Rocks (HR) hunted our new lease (has a few birds) on the opener this morning in his Double Bull Matrix blind. Hunting an open field finger ridge. HR brought his Trykon and Montecs and I brought my 835. We started with a hen and some jakes around our 3 blow up hen dekes at an hour after first light at 10 yards. Then the gobbling started and we called a strutter to within 10 yards behind the blind in the woods where we couldn't shoot. Several jakes and hens later the same gobbler strutted at 25 yards and took off before HR could get a shot. From 9am till 10 pm we worked 2 gobblers and several jakes (one strutting and gobbbling) to us from out in the field. At 10am the gobbler from earlier came back out to the edge of the field at 12 yards broadside to see what was going on. HR drew and thumped him breaking his nearside wingbone and taking out the lungs. He flopped over and ALL the turkeys in the field started to run to him (just like on tv). I picked out the boss and blasted him at 30 yards running. Days like today are why we go out there. Met HR on this site and became friends and got him on my lease and in turn he set us up in his Double Bull. HR's bird is 23lb, 26mm spurs, 11" beard. My gobbler is 24lb, 29mm spurs, and 11.5" beard. Both good birds. More pics to come later. Doubled at 10am, not much rain, perfect setup.
  2. With this pic, HR would like to thank Double Bull and tell PETA to kiss his rearend.

  3. That is very impressive stuff fellas. What a morning!!!! Congratulations to the both of you. My only problem with the photo is that the top one has 4 turkeys total in it...what gives here?:chicken:
  4. Damn!!! Great job guys........ I can't even get my first bird :(
  5. Good Job! A shelter besided the house would have been nice today!
  6. Dang, you're having a great season. Congrats on a couple of fine birds.

  7. Last pic, 11.5" beard on my bird. I'm sold on the blind and will be getting one, we stopped counting the birds we had at 10 yards in the dekes. It was a tough hunt and required a lot of patience and sparse calling. Both birds were bare breasted and appeared to be done breading. The hens all acted like they had nests. Tough waiting out those toms that hang up.
  8. Awsome job HuntIn. Wish I could of been there. Congratulations to both of you. Nice looking birds.
  9. Nice work fellas

    Good to see that the birds were on somebody's good side today
  10. Nice guys! Impressive on the firearm/archery double........ Looks like you both had a hell of a day!
  11. Very nice job on those birds, guys.
  12. Good job guys............congrats on the birds.
  13. I hope all the good ole boys on this site have the sucess Eric and I did. It was one of those hunts that you will remember til the day you die. The weather is looking promising this weekend! Good luck to all you guys!;)