In the Joe with Goggleye

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  1. Went out with Goggleye in the Joe this morning to see if we could hook into a steelie. But the blizzard conditions in April did not help us. Fished for a couple hours and couldnt get a bite. Only saw just a few breakin surface, and 1 other guy catch a single. All that good weather brought them in,, and now all this bad weather shut them down:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3

    Was a nice morning with good company though,, the ducks and geese were driving me nuts out there :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile

    Here is a pic of goggleye and his bud, then we stopped at the the fish ladder to take a look also. Come on back anytime goggleye!!

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  2. I have fished up at Tippy many times but never over that way.Looks a lot like how and where we fish up North.What all you use for bait? Where abouts is that I have never really fished over that way.My brother inlaw lives in Misawaka on elm road,is it around that area.He tells me about all the fishermen in the rivers and keeps saying come over.
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  3. :bowdown: Pigeon and Goggle, respect! Looks like more fun than sittin around the house.
  4. Still looks like fun!!!! Gotta love moving water!
  5. sweeeeeet deal pigeon.first picture is postcard worthy.:bowdown:
  6. That is a dedication to fish right there!! that looks cold.
  7. wow
    way to make the rest of us look like turds fellas haha
    you guys are troopers
  8. Wasn't that bad in Neoprene waders. Down in the river was out of the wind. Was great to meet you Chris. We'll have to try again :)
  9. Awesome! I need to broaden my horizons and explore Indiana more. How do those fish climb that silver ladder in the picture?
  10. goggleyes ... tell reloader man to try fishin in the water instead of that tree and he might have better luck..... and to think that i look up to that man :D
  11. Chris and Mark, looks like you had a good time, I did get my taxes together that day and thanks for asking me to go. Will hook up with you on the river one of these days. GOOD TIME, GOOD FRIENDS