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In the market for a new bow

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by brad24, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Well, for the first time in years, it appears im going to be able to get me a new bow this spring. The new bows im sure will be a shock to me when i try them out, i shoot an old model High Country and cant wait to get something new. I have read a lot about the Hoyts/Mathews/Bowtechs and i will for sure take a look at these. Anyone ever shot the Reflex Highlander? I hear they are solid bows and not as costly as the big 3. Im looking for a reputable shop that carries these brands and that will allow for me to shoot and help me set up. I live in Logansport and im not too far away from Bass N Bucks. How are they? Would it be worth the trip?
  2. I was like you last year. Broke down to get a new one. I went to look at the new Switchbacks. The guy Don check my draw length and they didnt come in my length. He had a used LX that a guy had traded in. Which looked new. I got it for 400. I would look out also for good used ones. A lot of guys get new ones each year.

  3. there's a lot of nice bows out there to choose from. i bought one last yr. after all the looking i ended up choosing the one i felt the most comfertable and confident with. i love it. not the priceist but shoots fast and very accurate. smooth. there's nothing worse than being in a tree stand and not liking the bow you have. when you find what you like you'll think where've you been all my life. it get's down to personel choice and confidence with what you are shooting. every time you go hunting with it it'll be like going out with a hot babe !! lol
  4. New bow time!!!

    Brad, I think that Hoyt actually makes the Reflex bows. I think (could be wrong). For the money, you really can't beat the "Big 3", but that doesn't mean that some of the less expensive models can't get the job done. Go to a reputable dealer and find the one that fits YOU!!
  5. Brad, My Last Two Out Of Five Have Been Mathews. They Are Nice Bows And I Certainly Would Recomend If Your Budget Allows. However There Are Alot Of Good Lesser Priced Bows; Parker, Jennings, Pearson, Ect.. Give Them A Look, If You Like, And They Feel Right, Don`t Get Hung Up On Labels, If You Know That It Will Bother You Later.

    Also Do Not Forget That With A New Bow Also Often Comes The Additional Expense Of Sight, Rest, Quiver. These Can Easily Add Up To Another Couple Hundred Dollars. You May Need To Factor That Additional Cost In Tothe Equasion. One Last Thing- If Yo Know What Brand And What Size You Want And Need Consider Used, Either At Your Dealer Or On E-bay. You May Be Able To Buy A Used Better Bow For The Cost Of A New Lesser Bow.
  6. Another vote for Mathews. I was a die-hard PSE fan for 17 years, then jumped on the Mathews wagon. I've probably owned at least a dozen different PSE bows over the years, and 3 Mathews bows. I just picked up my new Switchback XT last week. I have a feeling that it will be the smoothest, quietest bow that I've ever handled. :biggrin:
  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I am a mathews man myself so i would go for the switchback xt. But i must say that the new hoyt trycon is awesome and their best shooting bow to date. No matter what you choose it seems the market is shifting to bows with paralel limbs. So try one out and if your budget allows you will be going home with one!
  8. I've shot a Reflex for the last 4 years and really like it.
  9. look at them all and shoot as many as you can .this link could help .alot of good info on here . i shot an alpine grand teton for 10 years and now a SQ2 mathews my wife also shoots a mathews z-max .she tried for year before she found one she liked and it was used
  10. I have a browning mirage, great bow, however I shot my buddies Hoyt earlier in February and will have one soon!
  11. What is your draw length?? I have a Hoyt HyperTec for sale on the forum. It is a great bow and is very fast. All the accesories are killer!! PM me if your interesed. Good luck!
  12. M4, how could you? PSE is the bow for me, no matter what HoytRocks says!
  13. Dean i think you are right about the Reflex bows, i think Hoyt took them over. I've heard some good things about them and they are reasonably priced. I will look at several bows, im not in any hurry. My uncle shot the switchback last year and he told me i'll never touch another bow after i shoot that one, we will see. The budget is going to allow for me to get whatever i want for a change, but like others have said i need to include in price for the accessories. The only thing i plan on keeping off my old bow is the sight. Im going to be using my tax check for this, what a difference having a child makes:). Of course i had to agree to let the wife get a new sofa and loveseat and i had to remodel the kitchen, but for a new bow i figured i could do that. Does anyone know any good shops close to Logansport? The sporting goods store in this town are about gone, i've thought about starting one once i finish my degree. I figure i'll take a trip up to Bass N Bucks, i remember a shop in Monticello at the Norway dam too but i cant remember if they sell bows or not. The last time i was in there the people were a little rude with me. I think Kokomo has a dealer or two as well but havent heard much about them.
  14. Hey Brad24

    Hey Brad24. There Is A Good Archery Shop In Lafayette That Might Be Reasonabally Close For You. I Have Only Been There Once, While Passing Through Town. It Was At The Intersection Of I-65 And Sr 25. I Think It Was Called-arrows Three. They Had A Good Selection And Had A Range To Shoot On. You Might Give Them A Try,
  15. I shoot the Reflex Timberwolf. Deano, buddy, ol' pal...does this mean I'm a Hoyt shooter too?!?! Do I fit in with the big boys now??? Kinda like living just outside of town huh? I shoot in the "suburbs" of Hoyt!!!