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Incoming spawn

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Went fishing last Saturday hoping for some bass. I was using a white Hazey Dazy (best spinnerbait ever created) and was doing fairly well on shelves. I'm assuming the bass are staging in pre-spawn. Then, I tied on a shad colored Rat-L-Trap, threw her into the middle of the lake and hook into a 6 lbs. bigmouth right out in open water, if I had to guess I'd say 8 foot down. My brother was throwing a plastic worm and caught a few near the banks and downed trees. What is everyone else using right now? And how far off is the spawn from hitting hard? I'm guessing a couple weeks from now.:fish:
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The length of daylight and the water temperature determine when bass spawn, as for walleye too. The walleye will spawn much sooner than the bass. I also believe that the moon phase plays an important part in the spawn.

The bass start to spawn around 60 degrees, the bigger spawn is between 65 and 70 degrees, at least in the lakes I fish.

Usually the walleye will start the spawn at 40 to 45 degrees.
Both the walleye and bass do not all spawn at the same time. The above temps are an average for both bass and walleye.

Looks like it is going to be 2 more weeks or longer for the bass. The walleye in southern Indiana have already started. I look for the walleye to spawn here in Central Indiana, by the end of the week. And the bass to be ready by the 3 or 4 week of april.

Don't rely totally on everything you read. Fish often dance to the beat of their own drum, and often go off the scale of time and temp when it comes to the spawn cycle.
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