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Increase in HRBP entries '01-'02

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JL, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. We all know that the increase in HRBP entries from 2001-2002 (first year of OBR) was a relatively large increase. What was it that contributed to this increase, since those huge deer were out there during the two-buck rule time period the year before? Here you go anti-OBR fellas, this is your thread to explain it to me.
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    Sit back and enjoy the show.

  3. Theee bottom line......

    The jump in HRB/PY '02 bucks came from hunters that would not practise QDM type restraint unless "forced to think about it".

    There is your answer..........And now we have 4 years under our belt confirming that QDM no matter how much it was already in place in this state...........just got 10X better because it forced those that would never consider letting a buck walk since "this would be their only shot".........................TO THINK ABOUT IT..................They then thought about it and chose to shoot a bigger graduate even MORE yearling bucks on for the next year, hence we have seen a perpetual increase each year in the HRB entries. '02 was just theeeeee motivation non-QDM types needed......and they bought in...............immidiately!!

    ...................And now the numbers show that year after year those that chose to "Think About It".............DID JUST THAT.............and the HRB and PY numbers show what they chose here in this state during this 4 year "thinking period"............
  4. Scarlet Dew......

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: ................

    What can I say? People were forced to make a decision EVERY day they hunted. What would have been nice would have been to age the bucks taken by bowhunters that year, I would bet we would have raised our eyes. Less deer but older deer. Those who were not successful went gun hunting, again they had to make a choice......"I only get one", they waited for a good one. If not they hunted hard in muzzleloader season. A look at the numbers show the increase in general gun and muzzleloader.

    I know the other side says we hurt the archer, I want one anyone of them to come here and say they only archery hunted, how was the archer hurt? All those who complain are dual season hunters, those with a need to hold antlers and brag how good they are with a bow or gun....

    Male deer have absoloutely nothing to do with population control,they are just a ego booster....

    Here is a different thought on the spread of the harvest of male deer to gun hunters..........

    How is it different than a youth hunt for deer prior to deer season for adults? You don't see a need to share the harvest with adults, yet we need it for youth? Be careful how you respond......... You don't want or need to maintain interest in adults? We aren't losing adult hunters? Careful remember the decrease in Indiana hunters?

    Damn I love being a QDMA member with access to hundreds of biologists
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  5. I've seen enough on here and first hand to know that Scarlet Dew and his "advisors" would make a great group to become the Indiana Deer Biologist and advisory committee:)
  6. I'll cast my vote with Scott's.[​IMG]
  7. hundreds of biologists

    Could you name a few of those biologists that you consult, Mr. Whttail. Would they be Dr. Deer and his co-author Pete Squib? Did you read my last post where Dr. Deer and Pete are high fence supporters.
  8. Just hunt and enjoy yourselves this hunting season take your one buck and go brag that you killed a monster 6 year old buck

    never mind that your constant bickering is pushing kids out of the sport
    i support obr... just shut up.... we won't and can't change what the lawmakers do
    this sport is to be family and fun keep it that way
    take a kid hunting... or your wife
  9. I started this thread to find out the reason for the increase in HRBP entries, kind of a way to see how the "other side" thinks. I can't be informed if I don't know the logic behind their arguments...I don't think there is anything wrong with clean, healthy debate, but I agree that bickering is usually counter-productive. What I also agree is counter-productive is members telling other members to "shut up." Perhaps it's posts like this that are pushing kids out of the sport.
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  10. Trying to get an anti-OBR to post on here is like trying to get a degreed biologist to answer my questions concerning habitat improvement. You'd think they could atleast field questions concerning their line of work since they have time to join in on the OBR debate. Maybe on graduation day they chop off your typing fingers and cut out your tongue that way you can't speak against "the firm".
  11. Can someone please tell me what "Degreed Biologist" means?????
  12. you started a thread that everyone knows why records are up... obrso why bring up something that you will get negative remarks
    wheres the love
  13. Well duh, that's a biologist who has had his or her greed removed.
    [​IMG]try to keep up Dean.
  14. You're mistaken. So many anti-OBR members have posted that they don't think that the OBR is responsible for the increase. I just want to know what they think IS responsible for it. As I stated before, to be well-informed, it is essential that we know BOTH sides of the issue. I was hoping to do that in a diplomatic fashion and get an equally diplomatic (and sensible) response. Until this time, I have received none. I wasn't trolling for negative responses, buckhead, please don't think that was my intention.
  15. A "degreed" biologist is a biologist that has devoted his or her professional career to pursuing the art and science of wildlife biology. They have spent several years in college and advanced studies learning the most scientific methods of managing wildlife populations and some time trying to fathom why a person that sits in a tree stand for a season (usually more than 30 minutes with apologies to John Cervid’s post) is considered an expert in deer management and biology by other hunters. And quail is correct about having his greed removed. If they had much greed, they wouldn’t work in Indiana at the salary level there.