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Indiana Bald Eagles on the Rebound!

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Apr 25, 2005.


    Bald eagles rebounding in Indiana

    Reni Winter, Lafayette Journal and Courier

    LAFAYETTE, Ind. - In the crook of a tree more than 60 feet above the murky brown waters of the Tippecanoe River, a male bald eagle stands perched on the edge of a massive nest, his back turned toward the female whose head is barely visible from below. Minutes pass with neither bird moving; she's coddling the eggs, he's standing guard. Then the female, the larger of the two, slowly rises. She steps onto the edge of the nest and launches into flight - off on a fishing or hunting foray. The male hunkers down for his turn incubating the eggs. It is a sight few see - the changing of the guard of a mating pair of bald eagles, majestic birds that mate for life - but one that is about 60 times more likely now than in 1985, when the Indiana Department of Natural Resources began reintroducing bald eagles to the state.,1626,ECP_745_3726685,00.html

  2. which part of the tippy river? Got the 300mm zoom at the lake just for something like this... Saw some loons on the barbee chain a couple weeks back....

  3. I wish I could tell you! the article came from an environmental news service I get as a science teacher:rolleyes: Here is a picture my wife took as I surf fished in Florida.
  4. I seen a pair this past Friday sitting on the bank of a small pond about eight miles east of Bedford. I stopped along the road and watched them for about 1/2 hour feed on something. There were some young geese there but I couldn't tell if thats what it was. This is the third time I've seen them in that area.
  5. Here in fishers Indiana at the Hawthornes Golf and Country club there was a eagle nest last year in the wetlands.... They have a pic of the eagle on its nest, ill try and get a copy for you guys......:)
  6. Where on the Tippecanoe River

    To all who asked where on the Tippecanoe River, the nest in the first paragraph of the bald eagle story is located near Prophetstown State Park. You really have to get to it by boat because the property close to it is private property. There is a public boat launch on 25 N. If you put in there and head upstream on the Wabash, you will very shortly get to where the Wabash and Tippe join. Keep following the Tippe a little ways and look up in the trees on the bank on your right and you will see the nest. I wrote the story. Let me know if you have anymore questions. You can also reach me at
  7. Thanks for the great instructions!