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Indiana Big Bucks ?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by thirteenptbuck, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, I am from Michigan and may soon be moving to Howard County Indiana. First, i would like to know if Indiana has any type of record books they keep on whitetails. Secondly, i would like to know if any of these counties Howard, Grant, Madison, Tipton, Clinton,Carrol, Cass, Miami, consistantly produce trophy size whitetails. What type of terrain is most abundant in these areas, Crops, hardwoods, swamps, brush, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  2. I live and hunt in Cass county. Mostly flat land, with soy beans and corn. 2 rivers run through here as well. Pockets of hardwoods scattered all over the county. I dont know much as far as record book deer from here, but i do know there are plenty of trophys shot here every year. I have seen a few of them.

  3. I grew up in Madison county, mostly flat land with hardwoods scattered between corn, soybean, and tomato(Red Gold) fields. Unsure about record book deer or really any hunting in the county. I didn't grow up in a hunting family, therefore I didn't start hunting until after college and had moved away from the county.
  4. i live and work in madison county the biggest problem is the thugs that are using rifles to poach deer we have good co's here and they don't put up with the loosers
    lots of does in these counties and heavy hunting pressure nothing i could say i about trophy hunting i hunt for meat if the mature buck gives me a shot i take it other than that good luck getting someone to let you in
  5. This area is mainly flat and open with small woodlots. This area has probably seen the biggest impact due to the OBR because it is so open. I hunt similar terrain in Allen county and can agree with one of the posters about road hunting and rifles. I may be wrong, but being a huge farming area I think the deer get viewed as rodents and many farming, non hunting landowners don't care if the guys use rifles or trucks. Now I am not trying to paint a bad picture of people in that area and I am not trying to steroe type all landowners, I am just stating my opinion. I guess what I am trying to say is:

    1) Because of the area being huge in farming, it may be pretty easy to gain access for deer hunting.

    2) Embrace the OBR because with a deer hunter in every 5 acre patch of woods for 5 weeks with a firearm, it is a huge factor in seeing larger bucks.

    There have been several articles written in recent years about big bucks coming from that area. There aren't as many deer in this area, but they are producing some really large ones. I know that at one time Miami county had the world record 8 point. I have also measured a Boone & Crockett (172") typical from Miami county in 2003 and heard of a Boone & Crockett typical being taken in that county last year. Dean did an article on a large non-typical being taken in Delaware county by a teenager in 2004 I believe.
  6. I forgot,

    Yes there is a record book for Indiana, PM me if you would like to know where and how to get it. It is broken down by county with the top 50 typicals and non-typicals being listed as well. THere is a very nice measurer in that area by the name of Bob Graber. He measures A LOT of deer each year. He will be at the Indy show and the Fort Wayne show. I believe he resides in Peru, which is in Miami county. He measure for Pope & Young, the Longhunters and Indiana. HIs phone number would be in the record book. If you explained your situation to Bob, I think he would open up and tell you about some of the deer he measures in that area. He hunts that region himself.