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Indiana Bucks!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Well guys the word is out now...I caught a hunting show on the Men's Channel today, Gone Huntin' With Keith and Tony. They were on a bow hunt, opening day of season 2005 in Decatur County, Indiana. The hunt was setup by Hurricane Creek Outfitters (I don't know anything about them). The morning hunt a very nice big buck was taken and before the hunter and camera man could get out of the tree a 13 point monster walked up and started rubbing on the tree they were in...he was rubbing his rack on the ladder they used to climb up the tree. He finally walked off and they recovered the first deer. During the afternoon hunt the morning camera man hunted. The huge 13 pointer came back and he nailed it. The guys hunt all over the country including Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa...The 13 pointer taken was the biggest buck the hunter had ever seen let alone taken. They both said they had not heard anything bad about Indiana deer hunting but they had no idea Indiana deer hunting was so good!!! Gee I wonder why it's so good??? Could the OBR really be working in Indiana??? You sure would not have seen a hunting show with a hunt from Indiana in the past or even Indiana mentioned when it comes to big deer. Indiana and BIG DEER...SURE HAS A NICE RING TO IT DOESN'T IT!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  2. shhhhh!

    Man, I wish Indiana had some big bucks like Illinois and Ohio! It's funny that so many "in the know" hunters haven't bombarded Indiana yet. I think the gig is up after all the giants this past season, though. Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later. Secure your hunting ground now!


  3. Indiana Rocks!!!! But, Purdue is better.....

    Lease your hunting ground while you still can men. Look for people to start coming here real quick like.
  4. Tree..................Hurricane Creek Outfitters in Decataur County is a high fence operation. I thought the same thing when I first watched the show on the Outdoor Channel last year. It is old footage. "Gone Huntin with Keith and Tony" are no better than than Jimmy Houston buddy. Just wanted to fill you in on what I know. I do not like any Outdoor hunting show where they are filming huge bucks getting harvested by the so called "Profesional Hunter" and making big bucks off us while doing it..............only to find out later they were in a high fence operation. That is why I only get excited over Primos Truth and Drury Outdoors. Those guys are legite.........

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  5. Are you saying he didn't know?

    Isn't that Rodneys place?

    I thought the original post here was a joke, so I didn't respond.

    You folks getting sucked into "antler mainia" is what creates demand for these high fence places.
  6. Camby..........Not sure what you mean by getting "Sucked In By Antler Mania"...........Some folks just like to challenge themselves to do better. Maybe after you've shot 20+ buck deer with a bow you will start to become a little more selective and not take the first immature buck that walks by. See that is the beauty of this country.............people can make their own decisions on how they choose to do things.
  7. No, I didn't know. I was just reporting what I saw on the tube. Later on last night there was another show on The Outdoor Channel of a hunt at Whitetail Bluff...I researched it this morning...looks to be a high fence area since they offer Elk hunting...that one is Rodney's place.....I e-mailed him this morning questioning his operation....."YOU FOLKS"...who are you talking to Camby...I don't think anyone on here that I talk to would ever resort to high fence hunting...I am totally against high fence hunting...obviously these hunting shows do not advertise these places as high fence hunting...I guess I was naive in my thinking that most hunters are ethical and there weren't that many out there like Jimmy Houston.....MY BAD.....maybe that's one of the reasons I like to hunt alone, I don't have to worry about or witness the bad decisions other people make and end up losing my hunting privileges over it from the land owner....I'll just sit out there all alone and obsess with my "antler mania" sickness...try it Camby you might like it!
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  8. Isn't that the purpose of the shows that are filmed at these suck you in to believing something that's faked?

    I don't think "antler mania" is as much to blame as guys pretending to be hunters trying to fool their buddies. I can't imagine a guy shooting a deer at a fenced hunt, hanging it on the wall and then telling all his buddies the truth about it. I'll bet if you could be the little mouse in the corner, you could here some really good bulls!&t.
  9. I love to watch the Outdoor show with deerhunting and other hunting and fishing. Something to remenber is not all of us have money to buy a huge buck to put on the wall. If that's the only way to have one then I will leave my picture on the wall. Just the thought of hunting inside a high fence where the game most of the time can't hide or have a chance does not turn me on. MONEY RULES EVERYTHING MOST OF THE TIME and I am glad that I'm not a part in it. LOVE BEENING FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT AND THE ANIAMLS ARE FREE TO RUN.
  10. Whitetail Bluff is Rodney Bruce's place.

    I specifically watched it because it was his place. I VERY seldom ever watch any hunting video.

    Anyone here ever have a big buck like those walk down a road in front of a treehouse blind before?

    Pitiful show... But it was stated it was "Indiana bucks" and the unknowing think that is all you have to do in Indiana to score on one of our whoppers.

    No.. the word "fence" was never mentioned in that show. The one fellow that arrowed a buck and lost blood while tracking didn't really have to worry. How hard would it be to find a dead deer in fenced 120 acres? He did his best to make it suspenseful.

    Yes, like it or not "antler mania" or "antler worship" is the reason these places are in business to begin with.

    I'm quite sure that very, very few of us would "hunt" such a place, but because we have put big antlers up on a pedestal we are propogating such beliefs and these places prosper.

    Why did these guys make these videos? Because they can make MONEY off of us hunters that go gaa-gaa over a large set of anters.

    Face it folks - we have lost sight of true deer hunting and we are placing dollar signs on our deer....

    Do some inner soul searching and think is this really the way we want our deer hunting to head?
  11. CNS.............Does money not run everything???? It is not just hunting it is every sport that gets degraded by money. You, I or anyone else that is ethical cannot change how other people execute their passion. Therefore no one else will change the way I execute mine!!! Just because someone places a higher standard (In order for it to become more challenging) does not make someone an antler worshiper. I only choose to harvest mature animals for many reasons not just the size of the horns. If you would have more of an open mind and fight off the tunnel vision maybe you would understand...

  12. Antler worship.........


    Since the dawn of time humans have worshipped antlers, those markings in caves were not of female deer. You paint with a very wide brush.

    When visiting your site I see numerous pictures you have researched and posted, all of them seem to be of large antlered whitetail deer. Antler worship? Or just promotion of it?

    Also upon visiting the deer hunting forum I saw in the ads at the top....... an advertisement for a high fence killing pen. Now I would believe a person with such high standards would not allow or promote such activity. or is it again a money thing.

    Guess I'll make a mature doe a priority this fall, wait I already do that.
  13. Rotten

    I knew something was rotten in Denmark when that 150" sauntered down the logging road in front of that huge box blind. One of the reasons I watch the shows is to help myself in judging size, score of bucks.

  14. CNS.....Please don't "lump" everyone in the same barrell with the "bad apples"..."WE" have not lost sight of true deer hunting and "WE" are not placing dollar signs on "OUR" many people on here have made a nickle off of a buck they have taken? how many people hunt bucks to make money off of them? guess is none...maybe "WE" hang with a different crowd.....I hope you can find peace someday in whatever it is you do and especially with deer hunting, after all isn't it supposed to be something "WE" enjoy doing???
  15. treehugger

    With that reply nothing more can be said.....eloquent!