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Indiana Catfish Regs. Petition

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by JL, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Hey, fellas, I pulled this petition off Read it, and sign it if you agree.

    "Hello all....I have started a petition online to get the Indiana DNR to possibly change some of the catfish regulations in this this state. While some of you may view cats as a trash fish, the fact remains that a lot of pay lake owners are getting fat off of catfish and who is to say that someone would not open up a pay lake and offer only trophy bass, crappie and bluegill that they took from your favorite water. The petition can be signed here:

    Here is what it says:

    To: Indiana Department of Natural Resources

    The big catfish are dwindling. In the rivers, commercial fishermen use nets and traps for the cats, then trawl the heck out of those spots.
    There really is nothing wrong with commercial fishing except for the fact that, in Indiana at least, there are no regulations to control what they do or how they do it, not to mention NO CATCH LIMITS!

    The big cats more than likley will end up in a pay lake. Pay lake owners stuff their little fishing holes full of trophy blues, flatheads, and big channels. This is wrong. These pay lake folks can get these same fish from a fish farm. However, they obviously want less overhead, so they think it is OK to wipe out our rivers and lakes of big cats.
    Say what you want,but something needs to be done.
    I, in no way, am saying all pay lakes do this. It is just how some of them are doing buisness.
    I do not go to pay lakes that support commercial fishing of lakes and rivers. If they buy from a fish farm then,I have no problem going there.

    Some less than ethical fishermen are just as much to blame.
    Also, I would like to make an addendum to the petition asking for stiffer fines and penalties for those that pollute and deface our public waters!

    Below is an outline of what is trying to be accomplished:
    1) Set Slot/Bag limits on all catfish over 34 inches, limiting
    possession to 1 per day on all licenses.

    2) Regulate Pay Lake stocking, requiring them to be stocked under IDNR supervision, and requiring owners of Pay Lakes to have valid proof fish stocked were taken by legal means.

    3) Work with the all states sharing Indiana Boundry waters to establish Regulations mirroring those established by the state of Tennessee:

    a) Commercially licensed fishermen required to immediatly release all catfish caught over 34 inchrs.
    b) Restricting all sports fishing licensed fishermen to a bag limit of 1 fish per day on all Catfish over 34 inches.

    4) Make it illegal for paylake owners to buy fish from private fishermen..a practice that is regularly happening. "

  2. Good Deal. I signed. I hope this goes through.
  3. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I am stuned you can actually catch a live fish from state water and sell it to a private individuall anyways! WOW!
  4. No kidding right....hey cb...i'm thinkin of starting a part time business...

    you in? HAHA
  5. Thanks for info..I signed it and so did my wife...always happy to do our part
  6. I signed it. I know of one pay lake that sells bait and they will basicly pay you for nice flatheads or blues out of the river, not good.
  7. I got involved with this issue briefly last summer. The problem is that most of these catfish come from the Ohio River and are netted by Kentucky commercial fishermen. DNR fisheries people are looking into a way to get this done and I have signed this particular petition BUT I can tell you that most of the Ohio is owned by Kentucky (even though you can fish either side with proper credentials) and the Kentucky folks are not going to give up their authority on the river. I think when I looked into this there were about 10 Indiana commercial fishermen and 300 Kentucky commercial fishermen working the river. You might want to send the pettion to a Kentucky site as well.

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  8. Something I forgot:

    It is already illegal to catch catfish using this method for Indiana commercial fishermen. The catfish are a by-product of netting for other fish (usually paddlefish for caviar). The problem is enforcing the existing regs and getting Kentucky to go along with it. Also it is already illegal for individuals to buy, sell, or barter fish and game secured using an Indiana Hunting or Fishing license (see page 43 upper right hand corner of the fishing guide). If you know of someone doing this you need to call the T.I.P. line and report them.

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  9. They are already out of business, Jack! I think this is a pic of the guy that was doing it
  10. Said and done. Hopefully we can make a difference, love those big cats.
  12. Said and done. I was the 90th signature.
  13. Gotcha James, said and done! #101