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Indiana Deer and Turkey expo

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by rackstalker, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Is anyone going to the expo this weekend at the fairgrounds???? They got a decent show that will get your blood pressure up for turkey season......!!!! Everyone can check it out online. This is the only weekend Feb. 17,18,19th that the expo will be there with the Boat Sport and travel show. They also score deer officially by the ibo.....check it out!
  2. I will be there Saturday, hope to see and talk to some of the gang on this site.

  3. I'll be there all week. Booth T611 in Tackle Town

  4. I'll be there Saturday measuring deer. I'll be the good looking one next to that ugly guy Dean.
  5. measuring deer

    Scott and/or Dean (i guess)...this will be my first time at the expo. How many bring them in to get scored for the show?

  6. I was personally wondering how many bring their deer in as well? I plan on bringing one of my in and just wondering if I should plan on standing in line awhile or.....
  7. Racks galore!!!!!

    Why are you telling me who you'll be standing by Scooter??? I don't care who you'll be standing by. I thought maybe you'd stand by me get some pointers (no pun intended!!).

    The last three years we have been swamped with heads/racks at the Indy Show. I dont have a number right off hand to give you, but I do know that Sat. afternoon it will be very busy!!! normally you just drop your buck off and come back and keep checking on it until it is finished. Personally, I'll bet there will be a bunch of them this year.
  8. Stop by and say hi to the men in the green uniform....I'll be working the show all weekend.
  9. This will be my first time at the Indy show, but John Bogucki does an excellent job informing all the measurers on previous shows. You should try reading them sometime Dean and then you could have answered the man's question.

    Last year there were 242 deer measured at the show. John told me on the phone that 110 were measured on Saturday, the biggest day. He also told me that there were over 30 measures there on Saturday measuring deer. It takes about 1 hour to measure a deer, give or take. That means these deer would have been done in about 4 hours if they all hit the door at the same time. I wouldn't be intimidated by the numbers, they should be able to get through the deer fairly quickly, especially if Dean keeps bringing everyone water, snacks, etc. when they need it.
  10. I'll be there tomorrow evening. This will be my first trip to the show. Looking forward to it.
  11. Scotty don't!!

    What do you know about the Indy show Scooter??? Funny, as many times as I've been there, I've never seen you there....Hmmmm!!!????

    Last year I was in Texas...hanging out with Dr. Kroll and Gordon Whittington...getting my "Amatuer Deer Biologist PHD". I didn't have the sheet with me to answer the question. I don't have an anal retentive, photographic memory like you do....GEEK!!!!!

    I was going to buy you lunch Sat., but now...I guess you'll just have to settle for snacks and drinks!!!!:chicken:
  12. Hi Brad, Don't forget to stop by the Scorers Booth and watch me put a crackin' on Scott Werstler....:corkysm55
  13. Not rying to start another debate, just wondering if there was any new info on the Morgantown buck at the expo.