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Indiana Deer...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, May 31, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]Anyone seen or know about this Deer...Seen it on www.awesomeantlers.comDate of Kill?: 2006 Number of Points?: 10 B&C or P&Y Score?: 163"
  2. That's a dandy, and that's all I know.

  3. Two different years, Brew? Man, I hope so. Or else a military/refuge hunt.
  4. very nice, the new bowhunter mag has the switzerland county giant 213 '' good story
  5. The one buck was killed on a refuge hunt. Saw that on awesome antlers today, also. Looks like a couple good ones, sais he is from columbus area, no big bucks around there, I'm sure. Maybe we need to recruit that guy over to the IS dark side.
  6. military bowhunter?

    I see the Army sticker in both pics. That dude rocks in my book!!!!

    Way to go fella!!!
  7. Maybe one of them was taken on the Crane base. There are some downright huge bucks in there. Here's a photo of one a hunter took in there -- I believe it was 2005.

  8. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    The bigger of the 2 was taken in Crane, he scored 163", The other one was taken on a state tag and I think he was 144". He also killed at least 2 if not 3 more bucks this year, 1 or 2 in state parks and also 1 on a refuge hunt. This was a good year for him, but he has taken several other big bucks through the years. A few years ago I had similar luck, but my bucks weren't quite as big. I killed 2 10pts. and an 8pt. in 2 weeks and all were in the 130's. This is what can happen if you put in for every available hunt you can. And who says Indiana has a one buck rule. You just have to know where to look. Just think if he also had an urban tag.
  9. man you guys are giving me the shakes already
    those are some studs!!!
  10. And to think I only live 10 minutes from Crane. :biggrin:

    I deer hunt there at least one day a year, sometimes two or three. I've got a buddy who works there that takes me coyote hunting in there a lot as well. We called in a bobcat last year in there (no, didn't shoot it.)
  11. can you smell it? Man, I'm already out putting in plots and glassing...
  12. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    Crane is awesome. One of the nicest deer I ever killed was in there. A beautiful 10pt. on a bowhunt. Rattling works great in there. I have hunted there around 8 times and have killed 5 bucks in there. I would say the odds in there are better than most places. I knew a guy that killed a 26" inside spread 10 pt. in there a few years back. Looking back through my notes I have seen more bucks in that place than does. Too bad its so hard to get in there. I think it has got to be one of the best places to hunt in Indiana. Be prepared to get your vehicle and personal belongins searched thoroughly though upon entry. Most times the check-in time is in the middle of the night also. If a person is willing to go through all of the rigormoro you might just kill your best buck ever in there.
  13. The key to hunting Crane is to apply for the hunt yourself, and have every friend you have apply as well. Chances are good that at least one of you will get drawn. If you and one or more of your friends get drawn, you can partner up with them (if different than your drawn date), which equals multiple trips. Granted, you can only kill one buck in there, but at least you get more chances to try.

    One year my drawn hunt was the first one, and my brother-in-law had the second one. I took a 130-class buck on my hunt, then went in gunless the following week's hunt so my brother-in-law could still hunt (must have partner.)

    I had a custom topographical map made of the entire Crane base. It was so large that it barely fit on the largest map at 1:25000 scale. I think I paid something like $35 for it. You have to remember that the base is 100 square miles in size. Combine that fact with the fact that it is only gun hunted 5 Sundays a year, it's easy to understand why bucks get so big in there. I know for a fact that as of last year, there's a 200"+ buck running around in there. I know a guy who works there that big game hunts all over the world (he's even taken a polar bear.) He definitely knows how to judge a rack on the hoof, and he said that there is no doubt that it would break 200".