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Indiana GAME&FISH.....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Finding Trophy Bucks....part:2!!!!! Some Good stuff in November mag. Very well done ....Dean :bowdown:
  2. What Deano wrote Finding Trophy Bucks part 2??? I'll have to run out and get a copy.

  3. Randy, did you give him the information so he could write that? Some folks do...some folks that how it goes?:evilsmile
  4. That was an old article wasn't it? 2004 info? Had to be, surely Dean wouldn't have left me out AGAIN???
  5. Hit him where it hurts Randy...don't renew your subscription.
  6. I actually sent a picture of Randy and Bruce in to use with the article, but it didn't get printed. You'll have to take that up with the editor Rand, I did my part. Perhaps there was too much gray in the pick to use........:hide: !!!

    There are several more Boone and Crocketts from last season that haven't been score yet...there'll probably be several more by the next Indianapolis show. This year should be dandy of a year.

    Thanks fellas...I can feel the love!!!!!
  7. Yes, The Boss was very mature and did have a lot of gray on his muzzle. I was told tonight by someone I ran into that you made mention of the Vermillion County Giant. Of course I have not confirmed it yet since I don't subscribe to IG&F. I'll check it out soon. It's almost time for some real giants to fall!!! Can't wait to read about them.
  8. Um, Randall, I see no gray in Bruce's muzzle, etc. Um, O.K. buddy..........:biggrin:

    Oh, and BTW...I never heard of the Vermillion County Giant...perhaps you could put me in touch with the hunter and I could do an article????? I've heard of a good one from Vermillion, but no giant..........:cwm27: !!!!!