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Indiana Lakeshore!

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Mar 13, 2007.


    Local beach gets national attention

    Jean Starr, The Times of Northwest Indiana

    CHESTERTON - One of Porter County's best-kept secrets has gotten out -- well, sort of. Indiana Dunes State Park has been named by as one of the country's Top 10 family beach vacation spots. Criteria used for the Top 10 list included beaches with soft sand, calm and temperate water, activities or amenities that are fun for kids, and conveniences like bathrooms and picnic tables. The only trouble is, Tripadvisor's Web site has the beach listed in Michigan City. Dunes State Park property manager Brandt Baughman said he notified the online travel community about the error and hopes it will be corrected soon. "As far as the criteria goes, it's a perfect fit," Baughman said. "Considering all the Great Lakes, we're very pleased to say the least."

  2. That's funny because the last time my wife and kids went over there to hang out on the beach and swim, it was all closed because of pollutants in the water. Yet it is a Top 10 beach.:confused:

  3. Not a lot of those "amenities" they are looking for either. Are you sure they didn't go to the big beach (Warren dunes? can't remember) on the Red Arrow Hwy in Michigan and just wrrote it up wrong?
  4. My family and I went over just before school started last year and the water was calm and warm! Of course, we had to climb the big dunes and run down them! On the second try, my oldest daughter fell and broke her leg (luckily, not a compound fracture, but broke nontheless!) That made for a really sucky drive home (actually to the hospital) all full of guilt!
    I wonder how adventurous they will be this summer???!!!
  5. WELL............Just to let all of you know it was not the National Lakeshore that was rated number 6 it was the Indiana Dunes State Park. The article was all messed up about location and everything else but trust me it was writen about the State Park. If you guys want info sent to you about the State Park Call 219-926-1952 and if you want info on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore you can call me at 219-926-7561 ext. 225 or just send me a e-mail at, (there is a _ between Ryan_Koepke), or pm me. I hope you all have a good summer!