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Indiana Lifetime License

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Im lucky enough to be an Indiana lifetime hunting license holder. After july of this year the department of natural recources no longer offered the lifetime license. What do you think about the removal of the lifetime license?? Do you think its fair to young hunters just getting into the sport, not having the oppritunity to obtain one?? I have heard that all license's are going to increase in price again this coming year. Your opinions??????
  2. Ltl

    I've had my LTL since 1988, and I feel bad for them that they will not have the same opportunity I had. I realize that the state was losing money on the program and that a business can not run without money, but I was bummed that the program was cut because I looked forward to the day I could buy my 14 month old son his LTL.

  3. I guess my aggravation is that there was not much notification that they were ending the program. I am sure that the state knew much in advance of July '05, but how did they notify the common man that it was ending? I stumbled on it when I went to purchase my tags for the fall seasons. My intention was to purchase the lifetime license this year for Christmas for myself...I guess that I will be buying tags the rest of my life...:banghead3
  4. yeah, there was not much of a warning.
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  5. whats everyone else think????
  6. Licenses are handled by the Fish and Wildlife Division. In their defense the removal of the license was advertised one year in advance. Those wishing to purchase licenses for children too young to take the hunter ed. were waived so they could still have the opportunity to purchase it. You can bet on an increase more than likely......yearly.
  7. If tags and license's keep going up, wont that discourage hunters to go hunting?? I think $24.00 is plenty for one tag. I dont even really know why hunters have to pay that much, I mean arent we thinning a deer heard. Doesnt seem right to pay the state of Indiana to do them a favor. If we all quit deer hunting for ome year, wont that make the tag price go WAY down the following year? My message for the Division of Fish and Wildlife...dont bite the hand that feeds you.:coco:
  8. If you believe the 24.00$ fee for licenses funds the management of wildlife for the state as a whole you are misunderstood. Hickory if you think the outdoor activities you participate in are just a favor to the state you might want to reconsider your hobbies. Do you know the last time license fees were increased prior to 04? 15 YEARS! The only reason they were raised was to keep the Department from going Bankrupt. The five year outlook still put them in the red. Bottom line is prices go up. This is an economical fact and unavoidable. I am sure if you have a cure all solution to fiscal problems the State as a whole would love to hear from you (and you'll probably never have to work again). I am the first to say I personally dont agree with all the decisions made. For example why do people that bow and gun hunt required to buy two licenses when they can only take one antlered deer? I would like to see one antlered license good for all three seasons. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm attacking you because I am not. I just believe you are really misunderstood on how things work financially at the state level. I guess in short I say don't be critical of the way things are run unless you have a better solution and if you do.......Go into politics.
  9. I think you shouldn't have to pay for a license until you kill a deer and check it in. This would encourage more people to go hunting because they won't be out the $24.00 unless they actually kill something. I know I have bought several tags in the past that I didn't use.
  10. Would you have to buy a fishing license if you were not going to catch fish. I sure the coon hunters would have an argument since they are required to have a license during running season when they don't kill a thing. The more I think about this it's a good idea but let's expand it. I don't have any kids in school so I don't think I should have to pay any property taxes.
  11. I heard that the DNR is thinking about charging a check in fee for hunters with a lifetime license. Does anyone have any info on this.
  12. I find that hard to believe because it is very possible there will be no check stations next year. More than likely in the near future you will phone in your deer similar to other states. Physically checking a deer in will not be required.
  13. That would be cool, what type of verification (ie the leg band) will there be if someone is thought to have not checked in a deer.
  14. I don't know if there would be any type of tag. My guess is upon "calling in" your deer you would be given a unique number that would have to accompany the deer. Nothing is set in stone yet but is definitely something they are looking at in the near future.
  15. I guess we will have to look to the web for pics of area deer that were taken instead of stoping by the local check in station