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Indiana Non-Typical Potential Record

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Main Beam, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Got this from another website.................

    Killed in Switerland Co, Indiana on Saturday.

    Green score 211 2/8 non typical. It's 10X10 with a forked drop tine. which as of last record book the state archery record was 206+


  2. The guys name is Chris Robbins. I used to hunt with some of the guys he hunted with. He has killed a few nice other nices ones too. Nice deer.

    Can you say OBR + QDM = deer hunting success!

  3. Couldn't say it better.
  4. Can you say OBR + QDM = deer hunting success![/QUOTE]
    YUP got that right.
  5. Awesome!!

    I will be hunting in Swizterland County on Sat.
    I got one more weekend on the farmers land before his sons come in for shotgun season.

    I wonder what part of the county he got it in. Anybody know?
  6. Now, come on...We know that these deer have been here all along.

    Actually, the overall Indiana record archery Non-Typical is a 221 and change " shot by Bob Phillips back in the 1990s. It hasn't been officially scored and recorded in the HRBP book though, so technically this could be the new recognized record archery N.T. Not to take anything away from this great buck, because it's a doozy.

    Congratulations Chris!! What a great buck!!!!!
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  7. B.T.W...Does anyone know who green scored this buck??
  8. DW, I got the info from The forum poster was the guy who green scored the buck. It didn't list his name, just his site name.
  9. Dean ...A guy on Woody site says He scored It!!!
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  10. Now That Is A Buck!!!!!!!! Congrats