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Indiana outfitters?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by fordgo6, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Do you guys think Indiana can become the next big buck state, like Illinois, Iowa and Kansas? Ohio seems like its the latest to join them.
    If so, do you think we have to worry about "outfitters" leasing up our land for paid hunts like they do in those states and pushing us out of some of our prime hunting areas? The OBR and QDM is definately working for us.
  2. Well Ford,

    Quite honestly, I really like OBR but that is my biggest concern about it. I know that leasing is becoming the norm but I am sure this will accelerate it.

  3. Yes, I think Indiana can become a big buck state. Do I think Indiana will get overrun with outfitters? Let me think...NO.
  4. It's a distinct possibility. This is why I've stressed to everyone to lock down your spots with either leasing, or just plain old relationship building. Help the farmer that helps you. At the very least, talk to them and explain to them about leasing and stress that someone may approach them with it sometime. Ask them to give you the first opportunity to do so. This is why building a positive relationship with your landowner(s) is vital.
  5. i know it's happening now around here. 2 outfitting co's are advertizing in the tri state outdoors. one called grouse ridge outfitters and the other one is white river outfitters. their within 15 miles each of here. they claim alot. i'm sure there will be more to come. 3 day rut hunts up to $2,500.
  6. I don't see it being able to happen any time soon. Maybe in other parts of the state, but up here, the land is so broken, 10 acres here, 25 there, nobody owns 200 acres anymore, if it isn't covered in corn, maybe i am totally naive, but i don't see an outfitter paying a farmer enough to get him to sell out a cornfield...
  7. Marsh,

    There is a guy doing it where Koscuisko and Noble county comes together. He brings in guys from Penn each year as well as other areas. He offers high fence hunting, plus fair chase on 2,000 acres. Land we used to hunt.
  8. Won't happen until our gun seasons shorten and/or get moved out of the rut. Most big dollar guys understand the importance of that. Our state is still a joke compared to Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas etc. when it comes to opportunities at 140" and up bucks. At least I hope they still think so.;)

  9. That sucks, guess I am just naive...
  10. Down in Pike Co. it is has been going on for about 6-8 years already. "The Island" (i think that's the name) is a 3500ac ranch leased by ?Tony Wright? from I believe Gray Farms of Indy, that used to be open to most who asked permission.

    Also in Pike Co recently Fred Bear Archery has leased upwards of around 600ac so far, and just this past weekend asked my landowner for a lease of his adjacent/bordering property of 340ac.

    There are a couple others along the White River as well.
  11. These guys trying to set up outfits must be looking for suckers or a high fence if they think they can routinely put clients on mature bucks anywhere in Indiana with our season structure. I couldn't imagine Johnny-big-shot passing up Illinois or Ohio for here unless they were all booked or twice as much.
  12. A hunter from Kansas told me about this and he said he's lost his two best properties in the last two years to outfitters, and he's getting to the point that he's loosing interest in deer hunting. Somebody else said that an outfitter in Illinois is already leasing some property in western Indiana. I hope our IDNR would take a look at this and not let something like this get out of hand, there may not be anything they can do about this but Indiana could make it hard on them with taxes and land management (size). Hunting is our heritage and it should not be about who has the most money.
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  13. Anything near Clark Co., Illinois is starting to generate interest. Including parts of the central-Western boundary of Indiana around that area. :16suspect
  14. well as much as i hate to admit it is called "free interprize" myself i'm seriously looking to lease this year.
  15. There's really no need for anyone to be interested at all in Central-Western Indiana along the IN-IL border...really.