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Indiana Property Prices?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by thirteenptbuck, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, As i stated in one of my other posts, i am new to this site and am considering moving to Howard County Indiana. Can any one give me an idea of what property prices are looking like in Howard and surrounding counties such as Grant, Madison, Tipton, Clinton,Carrol, Cass and Miami. I'm looking to get as far off the beatin path as possible but need to stay within 20 miles of Kokomo. Thanks, Paul
  2. Expect more than 3K per acre to be the rule, and 4 to not be odd...been looking at property all over for about 3 months, some places it is approaching 5....

  3. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    All depends on how mcuh you buy also, the more you buy the cheaper per acre you may get! I am not sure about the other directions from kokomo, but 20 miles south is getting near Indy, and you dont even want to know what their getting per acre in the northern rural areas.
  4. I used to live in Galveston- nice small town. Out toward Young America is pretty rural. Deer Creek has some pretty country along it. Southern Miami county is a good area too, . Not far from Missisinewa reservoir. Lots of good fishing opportunities.
    Don't know if kids are in the picture- I used to teach at Lewis Cass in southern Cass county - great school with a lot of great folks.
  5. I live in Madison County, Alot of our area the prices for homes in the small towns are depressed. While the farm ground and lots are holding value. Part because of investment money in to areas of Tipton, Madison, Grant. Part because of speculation of farm ground because of ethanol. Keep in mind where there are plants under construction or proposed. One north of Alexandria is the only one in Madison County under construction.