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Indiana Regulation for Bird Dog Training. (FYI)

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    312 IAC 9-10-16 Dog training ground permit
    Authority: IC 14-10-2-4; IC 14-22-2-6
    Affected: IC 14-22-20; IC 14-22-31
    Sec. 16. (a) A person may take northern bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) or ringnecked pheasants
    (Phasianus colchicus) that have been raised in captivity for the purpose of training dogs only pursuant to
    a permit issued under this section.
    (b) An application for a dog training ground permit must be completed on a department form and
    filed with the division. The application must demonstrate the applicant owns or controls a contiguous
    tract of land. The dog training ground must contain at least five (5) and not more than twenty (20) acres.
    This land shall not be located within one (1) mile of a state-owned or state-controlled public hunting area.
    Only one (1) dog training ground may be licensed by the department on a contiguous tract of land.
    (c) The boundaries of the land permitted under this section must be marked with signs:
    (1) at least sixteen (16) inches wide and sixteen (16) inches long;
    (2) with a white background; and
    (3) with one (1) inch high lettering that states "dog training ground". The signs must be placed
    not more than five hundred (500) feet apart and along the entire boundary of the dog training ground.
    (d) A northern bobwhite quail or a ring-necked pheasant must be banded with a standard metal or
    plastic leg band before being released on the dog training ground. A person training dogs on a dog
    training ground shall have in possession a:
    (1) bill of sale for the game birds released for training; or
    (2) copy of the person's game breeder license.
    (e) A daily record of the training activities on the ground must be maintained by the permit holder.
    The information contained on the daily record shall include the following:
    (1) The name and address of each trainer using the ground.
    (2) The number and species of birds released.
    (3) The number and species of birds taken.
    (f) No quail or pheasants shall be taken under this section except between sunrise and sunset.
    (g) The birds cannot be possessed in captivity for more than five (5) days or sold unless a game
    breeder license is held under IC 14-22-20 and section 4 of this rule.
    (h) The ground cannot be used for any of the following:
    (1) A field trial, unless a permit is held under section 7 of this rule.
    (2) A shooting preserve, unless a license is held under IC 14-22-31.
    (3) The purpose of possessing or breeding game birds for release unless the person is licensed
    under IC 14-22-20 and section 4 of this rule.
    (i) A permit expires December 31 of the year in which the permit was issued.
    (j) A conservation officer may enter the premises of the permit holder at all reasonable hours to
    inspect those premises and any records relative to the permit.
    (Natural Resources Commission; 312 IAC 9-10-16; filed May 12, 1997, 10:00 a.m.: 20 IR 2736;
    readopted filed Jul 28, 2003, 12:00 p.m.: 27 IR 286; filed Apr 1, 2008, 10:28 a.m.: 20080430-IR-