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Indiana Smallmouth Conservation Fishing Expo

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by firstrock, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Hello all. I am on the Board of Directors for Indiana Smallmouth Conservation and we are having our second annual multi-species fishing expo January 13th and 14th at the Johnson Co. Fairgrounds.

    This is a true fishing expo unlike some of the "other" shows where you find things unrelated to fishing such as billy bob teeth and the wonder broom!

    We have lined up some of the best guest speakers in the fishing business such as Greg Mangus, Mick Thill, Charlie Hildreth, Jimmy Lang, Kenton Smith and others!

    Admission is just $3.00 for adults and kids under 16 get in free! So come on out and rub elbows with fellow Hoosier anglers and support clean water and habitat in Indiana!

    Here are some links concerning ISC and our expo:


    John Bunner

  2. What, NO Billy Bob Teef???? How can it be considered a real fishing expo then?

    Just kiddin'

    Thanks for the Heads Up!!!

    That's a strange lookin' Smally that swims out in front of the Bluegill and LM on the iscfishingexpo. link. But, it did, in fact, have a small mouth.
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  3. I think that is a Carp you are referring to.... not sure cause they fly across the page pretty fast! :confused:
  4. I guess I should introduce myself.... kinda got ahead of myself in trying to put the word out on our expo.

    My name is John Bunner and I am on the Board of Directors for Indiana Smallmouth Conservation. We are a grass roots organization committed to protecting, preserving and improving the water quality and habitat for the Smallmouth Bass here in Indiana. We are not necessarily a species specific group since we feel that improving water/habitat quality benefit's ALL species and this is why our expo is multi-species. We are a relatively new group that has been incorporated for just over a year. In that year we have done many things for such a small group. We co-sponsored the DNR Fishin Pond at the State Fair, wrote a $2000 grant to the Tippy Soil and Water Conservation District for installing riparian buffers along Wildcat Creek as well as numerous other projects. At this point we are limited only by finances in what we can do and we are looking for like minded people to join our organization to further our stated purpose. You can find out more about us by visiting our link,

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing some of you folks at our expo and at other events around the State.


  5. Got it!!! Yup, it's a Smallie allright!
  6. Big Bump!

    I know John. These guys are good people and outdoorsmen doing the right thing that will benefit all of us. They need our support. Should be a great show with some very good local speakers and vendors. Going Saturday. Hope to see a lot of you guys down there.

  7. John Bunner?

    Not the infamous John Bunner of IWF fame?

    Jack (see you at the Sports Show again)
  8. A big thanks for all those who attended! The show was a big success this year and all who attended were quite pleased! The vast selection of hand made baits (From cranks to soft plastics to jig heads) was truly special! We will be having our 3rd annual Expo again next year, same place, same time. Hope to see you there!

    John Buner
  9. Hi John:
    Good to see you posting in here. Hope the Expo goes well for you guys.

    This group does excellent work on protecting the water quality and the habitat of all fish species in IN. I hope that everyone helps support them.

    Protecting the water quality is essential to a good fishery. I got into my field because of my love for fishing and hunting. I personally hope to see the day when we all are doing more to protect the wildlife habitat in IN and elsewhere. For without good habitat the wildlife will eventually dwindle away. The wildlife and fish need a place to live too.

    If you hunt or fish hopefully you understand the need to sustain the resources. Renewing a resource ensures that it will be there for our kids and our grand kids as well as in good supply for us today.