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Indiana Sportsman Members Map

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by Steve, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod


    [font=verdana,arial,helvetica][font=verdana,arial,helvetica] I've started an interactive map for members to show where we all hang our hats.It shows what area of the state(s) we all hail from.

    It's very simple-just enter your user name and zipcode and upload a photo. (if you desire)

    It's a good way to see who lives close to you among those who frequent this site and may offer a good way to hook up with some new huntin' and fishin' buddies !!

    Just click on the hyperlink to get started.

    Thanks everyone [/font]
  2. Cool Map - great job Steve :bowdown:

  3. Sounds like a cool idea was wondering where some of these guys live. As long as nobody shows up at my door with a 12 ga. because we did'nt agree on a topic.:hide:
  4. Neat map, Steve.
  5. Not Deer HUNTERS...they always see eye to eye!!!
  6. Steve or there any way we can get this posted on the front page? I'm always wanting to check out where the members live, and I can never remember which forum this thread is in.
  7. I don't know we will have to ask Steve!
  8. Great Idea!


    Great idea on the map! It is always interesting to know where everyone is from. Now I can look it up on the map!

  9. New Guys

    Ok new guys you need to get in on this.Easy to do try it........
  10. Put mark on map

    :evilsmileNew to this site and I like what I have seen. How do I put my mark on the map
  11. Click on the link under the map at the top of this thread...the Frappr site should direct you from there.
  12. great job Steve putting the map togather it is fun to see where other member are at and there real names instead of pigeon, quail, treehugger. Keep up the good work.