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Indiana State Budget

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by jackc99, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. We have three weeks until the end of the 2007 legislative session... We are down to crunch time!

    As you might remember, in January the Governor's 2-year budget proposal, which mirrored the Fish & Wildlife Action Committee's priorities, recommended $6 million for the Indiana Heritage Trust and $5 in new funding for Clean Water Indiana! At the end of March, the state budget bill passed the house with CWI funding was kept in, but funding for the Indiana Heritage Trust was zeroed out! Yesterday, the Senate appropriations committee released the draft of their budget and while we were elated that the Indiana Heritage Trust was funded at the full INCA request of $3 million/year, we were dismayed that the Clean Water Indiana was only given $500,000/year in new funding. Now, the house and senate will get together for the budget "conference committee" and work out the differences. We need your help.....

    Please help us ensuring budget funding for the Indiana Heritage Trust and Clean Water Indiana by contacting your representative and senator!

    It only takes Two Clicks of a Mouse!! CLICK HERE:
    (Your legislator's name automatically pops-up with the inclusion of your zip code; then it targets appropriations members and non-appropriation members, so that you can send the appropriate message to your Legislator.)

    Imagine how much land, trails, watersheds and wildlife would be protected if can secure $6 million for IHT and $5 for CWI!!!

    Thanks for your support,
    Fish & Wildlife Action Committee