Indiana To Change Deer Rifle Laws

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  1. On February 13,2007 The IDNR will be holding a open to discuss the change in current policy to allow the use of rifles for deer hunting. The rifles will have to be able to fire handgun rounds larger than .357 .
    Indiana has always been against the use of rifles for deer hunting but after receiving many requests and complaints of being able to predator hunt with rifles but not deer hunt has decided to hold the open hearing to ammend the changes.
  2. LEAVE things the way they are. I think it will be a big mistake to do this.

  3. How many people are hunting coyotes with handgun rounds? Anyone? No. Its the first step of several...politics at work...don't see how this one is gonna go...
  4. In addition to the proposed rule change allowing pistol cartridge rifles for deer hunting is allowing youth hunters to be exempt from the HIP program.

    All of us are aware of the shortcomings in obtaining accurate information on our wildlife populations. Although the HIP program is far from perfect, it is at least a fair attempt to gain harvest information on migratory birds taken by hunters. The HIP program is inexpensive, easy to use as making a phone call. This proposed change makes no sense to me, I believe our youth should be encouraged to take full part in the HIP program and learn those lessons early to become ethical, responsible hunters.

    Regardless of how you feel personally regarding the use of rifles for deer hunting or the HIP program, I’d urge those who may not attend the meeting, like myself, to send a quick email to the powers that be in effort to make your opinions known. We all have a stake in these outcomes.

    Make your comments at or it only take a brief moment of your time.
  5. YES
  6. Quail, thanks for the e-mail link, I sent my 3 and half cents worth just now.
  7. this has got to be one of the most unnecessary changes I have ever seen...
    I'm waiting for someone to tell me why this is absolutely necessary. I don't see too many folks on this site that had any problems killing deer with a shotgun or m/l this year. Someone please enlighten me as to why we need to make this change??? :mad::mad::mad:
  8. i dont know what to think, except maybe the door will be left open in the future for bigger rifles. but with the striaght wall shells what is the difference in performance with the new inlines?
  9. Trajectory, and with any muzzleloader, ONE SHOT. If you have a single shot you are more apt to take your time and aim at a spot and make it count. With a rifle, you may hurry your shot and shoot several times at a running deer, and some hunters don't pay attention to whats beyond the deer. By the way, how many cartridges do these rifles carry? Some might say the performance is the same as a modern in-line muzzleloader, OK, so why do we need these rifles then? My 2 cents and no offense to you Mason.
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  10. Regarding the HIP:

    The reason is that the free hunting week-end for kids means they don't need a license to shoot doves. No license, no HIP number. It's merely a way to avoid a computer problem. The number of kids this will affect is in the hundreds not thousands and should be passed to help hunter recruitment. If they go any week-end other than the free one they will have to have a license anyway and hence get a HIP number.

    Regarding the pistol cartridge rifles:

    Many in this state feel that since the ballistics of the pistol cartridges are the same or less than many of the modern in-line muzzleloaders that the "cowboy guns" should be allowed. I have no opinion one way or the other but this is a very divisive subject on 2 of the other Indiana boards. Been hunting with T/C Renegade .54 caliber for 30 seasons now. I see no reason for the change but I won't oppose it.


  11. Why?
  12. The current laws in place and OBR are working great for us right now. So why take a chance at ruining it?
  13. So, lets limit the number of shells an 870 or 1100 can hold!
  14. I'm all for it!
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