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Indiana Walleye Fishing

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Dean Weimer, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Any Walleye nuts out there? Where do you fish in Indiana, and elsewhere??:fish:
  2. Lake Freeman

    Wouldnt say a big nut, but have been trying to fish lake freeman on the river part for the last couple of years. Its all idle zone thru there so ive been trolling with bottom buncers, one pole with shad raps the other with minnows or night crawlers. Nothing big yet, but I know they are in there. Anybody use leeches? Or other ideas on catching walleyes with or without trolling? Is low light conditions that important, nighttime or early morning? I just get out whenever im not working!

  3. Are you actually fishing the river, or the reservoir?? I've heard that the lakes themselves can be tough to fish for Walleyes due to mud?? Don't know for a fact. I've fished the river (tailwaters, etc.) often and have had decent luck. The locals due really well at times in the river.
  4. To early for leeches, but a minnow under a bobber at the Norway damm where the creek pours into the river is pretty good at times.
  5. BRRRRRRRRRR; too cold for leeches

    Yeah, I won't fish leeches until the water temp. approaches 60 degrees. My uncle owns a cabin near Ely, Minnesota. That is where I do the majority of my serious walleye fishing, but I also like to fish for 'eyes in Indiana too. The north country kind of spoils you though. There is actually some pretty good walleye fishing here in certain places, and at certain times.
  6. Mansfield Reservoir (Raccoon Lake, Harden Dam, whatever you want to call it) below the dam in the spillway can be good at times fishing with minnows. You can also pickup the occassional trout in the tailwaters. The water level is so low in the lake right now there probably isn't any releases taking place at this time though.
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Lake Maxi (Culver) is probably the best Walleye (not to mention smallmouth) fishing anywhere around..only problem, everyone knows it and it's crowded.
  8. i go to ohio to the maumee ,around blue grass island fish in 35 deg water but is worth it to me:fish:
  9. That's right by Waterville isn't it bubba.?
  10. My buddy and I do really well at Hurshtown Reservoir, and at Pike Lake in Warsaw. Size isn't that impressive, but we catch a lot of fish. Salamonie is good below the dam early if you like cold water and chest waders. Hurshtown is kind of a bummer, we look pretty goofy out there in a Big Lund using only the trolling motor!
  11. Brookville Reservoir and Lake Erie is where I do my Walleye fishing.
  12. I like to ride my bike over to Hurshtown and fish from shore in the summer. There seem to be a lot of smallmouth in there, although I don't think I've ever caught one over 13-14". How close to the shore do you catch the walleyes?
  13. Ely

    Dean your right on about Ely. Went to the Boundery Waters years ago with family on a fly in, to a canadian ranger station, cant remember which one, and canoed back into Minnesota. We took out at the chainsaw sisters.(I dont know if thats there real name, but they had about a 6 foot chainsaw hanging in the trees!)We stayed there for about 13 days and thank God we didnt get rained on. It was a trip of a lifetime. The walleye and smallmouth fishing was awesome! If we didnt take pictures people wouldnt believe the size of these fish! It was the only time ive ever fished with leeches, and we tore the fish up with them. Ive never tried it around here, and never talked to anyone who has.
    I put in at Bluewater, its free access, its also at the river part of freeman. And troll up as close to below norway dam as I can.Then head back down to where the idle zone ends,and troll about a mile past there. I just try to avoid the wakes from the bigger boats.
    Does anyone know why there are no boat motor size restrictions,just speed limits, on a 46 acre lake like Flecher or Nyona lake north of Logansport. But on a lake like dogwood or others they have motor restrictions and no speed limit?It stinks if you only got a 25 hp motor and dont have the money to invest in an under 10 hp motor!
  14. Piggy, we catch the walleyes out in the middle on the bar.
  15. Tilesitter, I've been to Basswood Lake many times (BWCAW on MN side). WEre you on Basswood Lake?? Quetico Park ring a bell?? The Boundary Waters are unreal!!

    Crooked, I had no idea that Hurshtown had 'eyes. That's cool. Although I've never been fishing at Hurshtown, we used to go bridge jumping there on the St. Joe (???). I have buddies who have done fairly well on H-town for smallies.

    Travis, I've only been to Brookville once and didn't do any good. I know they're in there because I've seen the pictures on the indianawalleye website. I'd like to go down there sometime, but don't know when the best time would be. When is the best time? What do you do...jig, live bait rigs, cranks,????:fish: