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Indiana Youth Deer Season 2006 (proposed)

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jackc99, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Youth Deer Season 2006

    1. Date - week-end before the start of regular archery

    2. Weapons - legal Indiana firearms

    3. Age - 15 and under

    4. Must be accompanied by licensed hunter over 18 years of age. Unlawful for this person to hunt this week-end.

    5. Anterless only

    6. Must have youth hunting license and hunters ed card.

    7. All other deer hunting regulations apply

  2. Anything we can do to encourage folks to start out new young hunters is probably a good thing!

  3. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    I think there will be less controversy over this season than the one we have in Michigan since this is antlerless only.
  4. I think it is a great way to get kids interested in the sport, by giving them a season of their own.
  5. Not sure what the VP's mistake has to do with Indiana Youth deer season?
  6. Why would it be antlerless only? I would think that you would want a youth to shot what ever would walk in first.
  7. It was a compromise with some groups worried that the kids would go out and their parents would bushwack trophy bucks before regular season started. We'll revisit the issue in the future and recommend dropping the anterless requirement.

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  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Neat hunters a chance to teach the young people. Great proposal.

    The more youth we get involved in hunting, the more we know that our hunting traditions will always remain strong.
  9. Keep the antlerless only.. I know a bunch of kids that would be super happy to see a buck and shoot a doe. Its not the killing they like..... Its being part of something special. Educate kids on how to better their skills so when its time to hunt in the regular season they have seen deer (undisturbed) and have learned what hunting is all about.. not just the antlers.... then its buck time. I think everyone could agree to that.

    Just thought about this how many kids do you know that will pass up a doe if it has fawns with it. September is awfully early to be killing does. I have mixed emotions obviously about this whole antlerless thing, and even the youth hunt all together. I am confused I guess........ yeah its great to get kids in the woods, yeah its good to keep greedy parents from shooting bucks during this youth season, but how many does do you see that dont get bred? Not too many. I think you will see a big decline in doe numbers because of mortality rate after you shoot the momma doe. I know it only seems like a matter of weeks but i think a couple two or three weeks makes a big difference doesnt it??
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  10. I think that is one of the best ideas I have heard in a lone time. DO SOMETHING FOR AND WITH YOU KID.
  11. At First Glance It Sounds Good, However, Hunting At That Time Of Year Can Be Difficult For Anyone, Much Less A <15 Yr Old. All The Foilage Can Make Seeing Deer Difficult. It May Be A Better Time To Move It Further Into The Month Of October, First Of November As It Will Be Easier To See The Deer At Greater Distances. Keep It Antlerless Only, To Keep Trigger Happy Dads From Getting A Jump Start On The Rest Of Us.
  12. Last year a friend and I took his nephew and his friend on the youth waterfowl weekend hunt. You have never seen 2 kids eyes light up like that. They were hooked for life. It was also a great jump start for me. Even though I couldnt shoot, it still got my blood pumpin just being there. All 4 of us had a great time. You can bet I will have 2 more kids for this years waterfowl weekend. And the best part was no one else was there. Those kids had the whole place to theirself. Awesome.
  13. The proposed youth hunt is for the weekend before regular archery season starts. It will be no more than a week between the two seasons. Many does that have fawns are taken the first day of archery season with no detrimental effects that I'm aware of to the fawns.
  14. For this youth deer hunt, "a youth is someone that is 16 years of age OR YOUNGER"

    The "youth" MUST be escorted by a adult that is not carrying a weapon (of any kind).

    As Jack said;

    ""It was a compromise with some groups worried that the kids would go out and their parents would bushwack trophy bucks before regular season started.""

    What does this say about "those groups"? lol

    How stupid can someone be? ............. Have you ever hunted with a youth?

    If there are those kind of folks out there that would snatch the gun away from their kid, to shoot the big one, then that same guy is going to shoot that big buck, regardless of weather the season is antlerless only or not!!!!......A law breaker is a law breaker.

    The ONLY thing kids of this age should be concentrating on is being a SAFE hunter....throwing all of this management stuff on them at this age is not needed, nor should it be promoted.

    Many state/public properties DON'T NEED more antlerless deer harvested, and some private property owners are still attempting to grow their local deer populations. Antlerless only youth deer hunts will take alot of property out of the mix....private property owners ALWAYS have the last say in what is taken from their land, if the owner wanted antlerless only during the youth season, all he/she has to do is tell the floks they are allowing to do the hunting.

    The REASON it's antlerless only is just like Jack said......
  15. Camby

    Give me a break....
    The only thing i agree with here is this...
    The ONLY thing kids of this age should be concentrating on is being a SAFE hunter....
    Nobody is throwing any management anything on the kids. If anything it is teaching them discipline and how to abide by regulations set forth by the DNR.
    Nothing was ever said that the kids had to shoot antlerless only so that the bucks will have to chase even harder in the rut and making bigger bucks the following year. That was never mentioned. The only thing that was mentioned was how the season was antlerless only.
    Teach the kids to be law abiding hunters that hunt ethically, safely, and in fair chase conditions. If every youth grows into that kind of hunter regardless of antlerless only. Our sport has a great outlook into the future.
    But if they start moaning and groaning and complaing amongst themselves about the need to shoot a deer with antlers instead, like you seem to be so interested in antagonizing, then our heritage as hunters is in serious jeopardy. Grow up and start looking at the glass half full for a change. Those are the kind of people that i want to represent me when im 85 and trying to lay down a good solid foundation for my grandkids. Kids that have seen the glass half full can only grow up into positive citizens and representatives of hunting.