Indiana youth hunt success - Crossbow and a Magnus Bullhead

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  1. My youngest daughter, Sydney (16), has been crossbow hunting turkeys for the past 8 seasons, taking many with Bullheads. She vertical bow deer hunts, but really likes the crossbow for turkeys. We couldn't hunt on Saturday's Indiana Youth Opener, as she plays high school tennis and had an invitational. So Sunday morning we headed out to see if we could turn a little luck on our side. She hadn't shot a bird for a couple years and had an itchy trigger finger. So right after fly down when this jake stepped into the field, I knew there was no waiting for the three or four toms that we had been thundering all morning ... LOL. Anyway, at about 9 yards, she crushed this bird with a throat punch from a Magnus Bullhead. Hunting with my daughters never gets old.

  2. Awesome video! Congrats to her!
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  3. Congrats Dec.

    I think I may be doing a change from the avian to the DSD next year. Happy with mine, but very hard to beat the realism from the smiths.

    You are lucky to be able to have the years of hunts with the girls on vid. Great memories.
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  4. awesome hunt, congrats!
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