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Indiana's Time Changes

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If some counties opt in and some opt out of the time changes, what effect do you suppose this will have on hunting?
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I believe none, It has to be all or none if not it would go against federal law. That is what the papers have been saying.
From the look of things it may not matter anyway. I seriously wonder if our legislators can agree on anything at this time.
Time Change

It may affect hunting after work. Depending on which time change they choose, we may have less day light to hunt birds after work.
According to something I read in the Star, it is also possible that the legislature can choose to ignore whatever the federal commerce ruling is that says they can't let counties opt in or out of the change. My initial thoughts were that hunting rules are complicated enough as they are, but if you have to know what time it is in the county you plan to hunt so you will know when sunset happens, it could be insane out there when fall season arrives.
Here's another real possibility. Read yesterday that the Fed is expanding DST. Used to be from Oct. to April....Now, it's going to be from March to November...they figure that with daylight extended, people won't be using as much electricity (oil) and it would hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil. So if we switch we'll have to abide by this new law.

I do know this...when we go to Canada in June (Mich time) we can stay out and fish till 10:00 p.m. But when it gets dark, it's like someone pulling the shades.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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