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Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by Steve, Dec 19, 2004.

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    We've Launched!

    It's been a long time in the making but we plan to launch Indiana's most comprehensive, interactive hunting and fishing site at the beginning of 2005. We'll see you there.
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  2. Best of luck with your new site.

  3. Yogi,
    Keep visiting this site, posting often and letting your friends know about it. I'm a member of Steve's site and it is the finest internet resting spot out here in cyberspace. He runs a top notch, quality show, always looking out for ways to improve it for the members.
  4. i am also a member of the michigan forum, but grew up in Indy so will be in here alot to see what going on and to meet others as well
  5. Hey Boss, in the photo gallery, you may want a category for bird dogs or hunting dogs. Most bird hunters will have their dog in action or taken with the birds at the end of the hunt. Just a suggestion.
  6. best of luck.I'm looking forward to using this site. glad I found it.:)
  7. Thanks for the heads up!
    All the best with the new board.
  8. Everyone one hold on, its going to be a fast and furious ride if it is anything like the MS page :) Wishing all the best of luck!
  9. Dont know if this would be feasable, but maybe you could get the DNR to have an C.O. monitor a new column "ask the DNR" about law questions. Or one of the existing columns to put an official spin on things?? Just an idea.