Indoor archery ranges?

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  1. Anybody got any recommendations for them on the North side of Indy? I know there's one at Gander, just wondering if there were places you guys like to go, shoot, pick up tips, etc.

    Thanks for the help. bow just came in today: went with the new Instinct, 28", 60lb limbs. I can't say enough thanks to all that gave input/advice on the other thread.


    I hope I won't let you guys down next year when I bag my first with a bow!!! :cool:
  2. not sure on the north side, but here on the south side you have Gander and Outdoorsman.

  3. If you ever get up north i mean way up north you gotta check out "shot in the dark". They have two of the video screens, an indoor shooting tunnel (range with paper targets at the end of it) And a 20 target indoor 3d range. Its a really neat place and its not overly expensive. I think its ten bucks to shoot the indoor 3d range and you shoot each target twice i believe. The video system is something like 10 or 12 bucks and the tunnel is like 5 bucks an hour or something like that. Its a pretty neat place you guys should check it out if you get up this way.
  4. there is a good shop in anderson girts archery on 14th and main video
    and 10 lanes to shoot
  5. I shoot at A Shot in the Dark all the time. Not close to Indy, but honestly the best indoor place I've found. I've gone on a few hunts with Carl and Rose. They are great people. They run some awesome leagues. Winter league starts in a couple weeks!:coolgleam
  6. What city is A shot in the Dark in?
  7. It's in a (very) small town called Flint. It's about seven or so miles west of Angola.
  8. aight, thanks james, is it the intersection of 20 and 327, google doesnt even say Flint, IN exists, haha
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  9. turn right at that intersection.. follow the road around the curves and if you get all the way to airport youve gonne way too far. Its not far past the curves it will be on your left. there will be a sign on your right. Follow that left turn all the way down the road and youll find it..
  10. marsh when are we going to shoot at this place? that sounds like a dandy afternoon right there...
  11. Ill bet we could get a get together around for the folks from that area. I know my father and I would be in and i know we could talk JL into it. Weimer would go if we could find him some free time. I know it would be a fun time that place is great and there is a ton of stuff to do up there an easy place to waste an entire afternoon. Oh well you guys keep me posted on when you are going to head up there and I might join you if you dont mind.

  12. i was fittin' to ask you the same thing...i love showing off my erratic, recently reaquired bow skills! Bwhntr, guys in?
  13. In.
  14. IN
    How about next weekend sometime?
    Is it alright if my dad tags along with me? He will have a good time tooling around up there we go up there quite a bit during the winter to pass the time.
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  15. Whenever is fine with me.