Indy Deer and Turkey Expo

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Dean Weimer, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Howdy to everyone!!!

    I was hoping we could get a better head count of who all would be coming to the Expo next weekend. I would like to meet more of you; last year a group of us hung out together a bit. Perhaps we could all go eat lunch together ( Jack is buying after all!!!) , or something of that nature. I will be busy scoring antlers behind the Hoosier Wall of Fame on Saturday all day, but there are always opportunities for breaks and such.

    Who is planning on coming down, and when?????
  2. i will be there on friday

  3. All weekend...Hell yes

    Iam going on Fri...But will be there all weekend I hope...Iam Bringing my Deer to be scored on Friday.Every one here should come see a Wonderful Deer From the Great State Of Indiana!!!Come and help me ENJOY a Truely nice Deer...Hope to Leave the Deer on Display for all Here at INDIANASPORTSMAN to see...Taxi work done by STEVE KINKER of Greensburg, Indiana :bowdown: [​IMG]
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  4. I'll be there Friday to score my bow kill from last year. Saturday Im bringing the family there.
  5. Planning on being there Saturday when the doors open.
  6. I will be there on Saturday.
  7. i'll be there saturday we are bring my cousin's deer to score.
  8. dean that sounds like about 3 deer to be scored, thats a full weekend's work for you isn't it??
    sorry...i know its an old joke but I couldnt resist. its all in up for long islands?? haha

  9. Sorry Dean, but I may just make it down there this year.
  10. All weekend but sounds like a picnic somewhere Saturday at noon........
  11. Dean, Dean, Dean - you want the old retired guy to buy? And here I thought you were a nice guy? (Okay I set 'em up somebody else knock 'em down).

  12. O.K. Jack, to show you that I am nice I'll buy YOU lunch...but noone else.
  13. Suckbutt!!!...............
  14. I will be there Saturday with Quail. TO DEAN THAT IS BUYING JACK'S LUNCH (DEAN YOU SUCK). Where we have lunch and what time? Oh hope it is a place that has fish. I am getting a little hungry for some fish.