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  1. Found this skull the other day while squirrel hunting, and thaught it was interesting enough to share pictures of. It is hard to tell from the pics., but he was a 5X7. I estimate that he awsa 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 years old.

    IF my pics do not work right click on the X and select show picture, and they should start working




  2. Not working on my machine, Mark.

  3. HMMMMMMMMMMMM It is working here, and has worked for a few others on other boards. Maybe it is working for me because I have seen the pics. and they are in the history on my machine. Not sure why it would work for others on the other boards though.

    If you have an imagestation account just go to this album not it is free to start an account, and only takes a few min.
  4. Looks like a deer maybe from Indiana :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  5. Yeah it was from Indiana. It was here in Martin County. Only about a mile outside of the Shoals city limits.
  6. Thats pretty wierd that the critters didn't get hold of the rack I've seen squireels eating sheds before. Did ya get any squirells when you went hunting? If ya didn't maybe thats why they didn't eat the rack. If you look where his nose would have been it looks exactly like a hoof print. Maybe I'm slow but I have never seen that before.
  7. I have kiled many squirrel in the area, but did not see any the day that I found the skull. They do usualy eat drop offs quickly, but for some reason will not touch a skull, or at least I have found several skulls with antlers that had not been eaten over the years.
  8. Weird...In my area the bucks only lose their racks each year. Never knew some deer lost their skulls too. If the herd is down in your area that could be one of the reasons!!! :banghead3 Interesting find.
  9. Nice find, nice rack. I found this one squirrel hunting in 2002, evidently some guys were out shooting deer off the backs of their horses and lost this buck. I just wish I'd been down at the farm the day they were doing this so I could have called the DNR on their sorry poaching SOB a$$es

  10. Check out the pic I have in the gallery of 2 I found last year while rabbit hunting. 9 and 11 point. They were locked together and drowned in a pond. Found them only couple days after it happened. Both were beat up so bad had to buy new pelts for the mounts. YES took them in to get mounted.
  11. locked racks

    Was that over by Walkerton/North Liberty last year? I had heard about that find...I was thinking that it was some fella from B100?
  12. Yep that was outside North Liberty, off of Crumstown Hwy. But I have no connection to B100. We were in the South Bend Tribune with them in the Louie Stout section.

    :tongue:Both deer had inside spread of 17"
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  13. pictures?

    It sounds pretty cool. Has the mount been finished yet? It would be interesting to see some pictures when it is completed.
    As I recall, they must have just been referencing the article in the Tribune as they were broadcasting on the radio.:)
  14. Cool I never heard it on the radio. Getting them done seperate. Was too much$$$$ for me to have both. So my friend that was with me gets 1 also. Have not got them back yet, last Sept taxidermist was still looking for another cape. Should be any day now I hope:bonk: I used to live in Plymouth, Graduated from Laville in 91. Lived across the street from Indiana Tool and Die. Used to hunt all that area through there. Where do you live?
    You know where the pumpkin patches are. Used to help old man Batcho pick them when I was 16 and 17. We would find pumpkins with deer prints in them. From when the deer would step on them early and then it scared the pumpkin as it grew. Wonder if he is still around (Batcho that is)
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