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interesting numbers.....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Dang I wish I knew how do do a graph!!

    I took the harvest of bucks from IDNR site per year from 1999 thru 2004 and divided Hoosier Record Book(HRB) entries into that number. This gave me bucks killed per HRB entry. Now if the increase in harvest numbers resulted in HRB entries the numbers should remain the same. If young bucks passed by archers are killed by gun hunters numbers should remain the same. Gun hunters killing all the bucks numbers should remain the same. Funny thing Pope & Young entries incresed After OBR, and the increase is not due to relaxing the 65% let off.

    I want to make it very clear, the number of HRB entries is bucks killed in the year noted. NOT total entries for that year.......

    Year HRB entries total buck harvest ratio

    1999 173 46371 1:268

    2000 176 44621 1:253

    2001 187 48357 1:258

    2002 (OBR yr 1) 277 47177 1:170

    2003 (OBR yr 2) 331 49533 1:149

    2004 (OBR yr 3) 426 54768 1:128

    I didn't pick the years, I used what was available on IDNR site, I could not use 2005 figures as we are still receiving HRB entries daily even though IDNR has final kill numbers.

    Anyone see a trend in older age bucks?

    1999-2001 median 1:259.66

    2002-2004 median 1:149.00

    Now if the proposed (in the latest survey) three year trial for a return to the "two buck limit" does anyone believe we would see a negative impact? We have built in four years an older age class of male deer, three years would not show a negative impact. Five to seven years would! This is a very well thought out plan, I urge everyone interested in age and sex management to urge IDNR to stay the course. We have a two buck per year data prior to OBR, only thing changed was license fees.....
  2. Joe, You and I, and every other person who frequents this site know that the OBR is working...the only person(s) who don't believe it is working have other agendas against it...they know it is working, but are trying to convince others that it is a bad thing.

    While we all know that the herd is in the best shape its ever been in since deer hunting started in Indiana, the IDNR is still going to try to do away with the OBR for whatever reasons. Worse, we have a whole other website devoted to this very thing. It's like Joe says everyone, if you like the status quo (the One Buck Rule) then do everything in your power to make sure that it stays.

  3. funny thing............

    "Worse, we have a whole other website devoted to this very thing."

    The topic of a compromise was closed, locked down tonight. Seems there is limited views allowed....... If I had been allowed to post I would have suggested a very real compromise......

    Follow Illinois or Iowa lead on gun seasons, then let's go back to two bucks....

    Oh well if you can keep you people in line they will drink Kool-Aid

    anyone know how to graph???
  4. I would totally support going back to two bucks IF they would move the gun season out of the rut. This is the single most important reason that Iowa produces so many more mature bucks than we do. Most of the true experts agree that Indiana COULD produce mature bucks in the quantities that they do....but, getting weekend warriors to accept this is the hard part. The IDNR is very aware that moving the firearms season (or at the very least shortening it) out of the rut would produce many many more mature bucks statewide. The average hunter doesn't understand this concept at all....
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  5. What's the minimum score for entry into the HRB?
  6. Rowdy


    Im not 100% sure, but I think the Hoosier Record Buck minimum is 140 for firearms and 125 for bow.

    Dean, I believe that the only reason any real hunter would want to get rid of the OBR is because of selfishness and greed. When I first joined this site I was very green when it came to a biologists view of Indiana whitetails. I have since studied the OBR and all the dynamics that has come from it. It should really be a no brainer, but there are always going to be (na-sayers) in every crowd.

    As of this year my biggest buck taken scored is 124 1/2, and I would have never scored it had it been for this site. Im hoping and dreaming of killing a monster this year. The OBR has given me the chance.
    If you want to kill more deer, kill some does and do your part for "deer managment".

    I know people on here pick on you a bit Dean, but I firmly believe they respect your informative posts. (even if they dont admit it) I know I do.

    HRB scorer Phillip Hawkins scored my buck, if anyone gets the chance to meet him, hes one hellava guy and a great Indiana outdoorsman.
  7. I'm opposed to a two buck system under nearly any situation. Of all the options that I find easiest to swallow, I'd lean towards a one week gun season out of the rut. I'm just one that for the life of me sees no need for a second buck. Under the old two buck system, I had my chance many many times over to take two mature bucks. But every single time a second buck presented itself, I seemed to talk myself out of it. I always told myself, "one more year" is all he needs. Stuff like that.

    I'm sorry, but I can not and will not ever support a 2 buck system in Indiana.

    I figure I'm the leading reason that the comprimise thread got locked down over "there". Oh well, don't really care. I stated my mind and fully believe in everything I said. It got out of control not just by me but others on the other side of the topic as well.
  8. Exactly. In all three of those two-buck-per-year trial years, the hunters would still be reaping the benefits of the OBR. Then the greedy two-buck killers would really be happy, wouldn't they? ;)
  9. Minimum entry into the HRBP is 140 typical, regardless of weapon.

    Minimum entry into P & Y is 125 typical.

    Here is my question, Joe help me out, and this is why I did not go to the Grant Woods seminar.

    I do not know it all, although Weimer thinks I do and worships me for it, but I figured that if I went to that seminar I would meet all of you and others who already know what the right path is and what to do. What is the point of attending that seminar and nodding my head in agreement with the rest of you? I can do that on here and not buy more fuel for the truck. If somenone would have said they are taking attendance and submitting to the IDNR as a list of OBR supporters then great. If they told me that they were going to have biologists, Jim Mitchell, or Kyle Hupfer there, then great I would be there to support it. As it was, what did it accomplish? Maybe some of you were able to bring people who had not made up their mind yet, and that would be awesome. My question is what do I do now? I've sent one e-mail to the DNR asking for a continuation of the OBR, what's next on my part? I try to educate people in my area, but the guys who haven't made up their mind about it yet don't seem to take deer hunting that seriously and eat it, sleep it, like the rest of us. It will be pretty hard to get them to take their own action vie e-mail or anything else. Joe, you are welcome to PM me or e-mail me on this.
  10. I've been reading this forum for a long time and always enjoy the discussions that I see concerning the OBR. I'm from Michigan and many sportsmen in Michigan are pushing our DNR to get rid of our two buck limit and replace it with a OBR, as Indiana has done. After seeing the improvements that have been accomplished in Indiana, I can't for the life of me understand why you would even contemplate going back to a two buck limit. If you want to see the impact of a two buck limit all you have to do is look North across your border and see the dismal results in Michigan. I would encourage everyone to do anything they can to resist the backward step of increasing the buck bag limit.
  11. Welcome to the site, Munster, and good post.
  12. JB Here is your graph.......

    This graph displays the increase of HRB entries from '99 to '04.
  13. Thanks. if any of you ever visit your sister site at you will see that I'm a frequent poster on the deer hunting forums there and that I get pretty outspoken at times on the OBR. Since I'm a guest here, I'll try and contain myself a little bit. :)

    The OBR is a hotly debated issue on the Michigan site. It's kind of interesting how some of the "experts" in Michigan try to downplay the accomplishments that you have achieved in Indiana and some of the rationalizations that they use to explain your success while discounting the role that OBR has played in them.
  14. i'm at the point that i finally relize the opposition to obr don't care they know their wrong they just have a need to run their mouth. evedently they never watch north american whitetail or managemant advantage.
  15. I believe it is that "they just don't care" what the numbers say. The skew the charts to read what they want see, which is why I think most of the questions on the Deer Survey I filled out earlier this year were written in this manner.

    Most of them probably use the same adage I hear at work, "We've done it this way for 30 years and it has worked fine!"