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Introducing ... MB-mobile

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by DEC, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. MB-mobile. "M" is for Modified.

    I repainted almost every square inch of B-mobile. The concept of B-mobile is excellent, but the paint job barely resembles a turkey, IMO. So, I dug deep to remember old art skills that I've locked away from my youth and went to work on him. Several different paints, brushes, and a couple hours in labor got me this finished product. That and a real tail I had lying around and I like the finished product. I wish my digital camera took better close ups, as I think the balance of red and white on the head looks pretty good. I put a lot of detail in the feathers. Copper, green, and black tipped every single one of them. The only thing I want to do in the near future is add some real wing feathers.

    I present to you ... MB-mobile.




    I also re-painted all my Delta decoys and my bobble head hen. I'll have to take some photos. 1000% improvement, IMO.

  2. Nice work on that, DEC.....very nice work.
  3. No wonder you kill turkeys, DEC...very nice...
  4. Hey guys,

    Just got me B-Mobile today. Do you guys have a plan as to how you are going to set him up in your hunting spot. I was thinking with just one hen... What is everyone elses plan? Also, do you think he should be facing you, facing from where you think the turkeys are going to come from or???? Just anxious for next Wednesday and can't wait to get out there and give him a try. Any advice would be great and good luck to everyone.

  5. One more thing,

    DEC, what type of paint did you use? Might work on mine a little too, but I don't want to use a type of paint that would mess up the decoy.

  6. I went to Wal-mart to the craft section and bought Apple Barrel acrylic paints in a number of colors. The metallics (green, copper, & black) were another acrylic brand, Folk Art. The paint didn't hurt the decoy one bit. Then I bought an acrylic matte finish spray sealer to seal everything when I was done. The finished product is a 1000% improvement. The paints are cheap too, like $0.50 per bottle. I think between paint, sealer, and brushes I had a total of $10 in the remodel of 5 decoys and I still have a bunch of paint left over.
  7. A strutter should be facing you. That way the tom circles around front to approach the deke head on. Also, it should take you out of the line of fire if another hunter mistakes your deke for a real bird.

    I'm going to try putting a couple hens with him and see how it goes. I'll let you know how well he works after this youth weekend.
  8. When do I get to hunt over it Derek? :) .....kidding.

    He looks great!
  9. 3 dekes , 1hen facing you at 20 yrds. , then put a jake 4ft. behind her likes he is going to mount her ,then put another hen about 20 ft from them looking away , it works for me , gobbler will come in facing the hen and jake with his back toward you let him fan out and get ready when he sticks his head up let him have it , good luck to all!!!!
  10. thats good looking work derek

    thanks for the deke info too guys!! I'm soaking it all in
  11. Sweet looking decoy. I'd have shot it.
  12. I can wrap a piece of aluminum around the stake to make it look authentic for you JL ... :evil:
  13. OUCH!