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Invitation To All!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hey all! Here's an invitation for everyone! Come one, come all!

    What: 2007 Fuzzy's Blue & Gold Tailgate Party
    Where: "The Corner" THE University of Notre Dame Joyce ACC South Lot NW Corner (SE of Stadium) Look for the "FUZZY'S PLACE" Flag
    When: Saturday April 21, 2007 FIRST Fuzzy Bloody Mary mixed @ 7:38 AM! (Sorry fellers, first one is Fuzzy's)
    Game starts around 1:00 PM but there's fun things to do around the campus all day. Before the game there's a "Has Been" Game with alot of the old ND Players.
    There is an autograph session but I'm not sure when yet.

    SO, pack up your cooler with your favorite refreshments (for after the Fuzzy Bloody Mary's are gone and Fuzzy AINT sharin' his BEER) and anything you want ol Fuzzy to slap on the grill for ya!

    OK, I'm out, gonna go find the GOLD FOOTBALL PANTS ! Ha like them don't ya Stallion!

  2. Sorry buddy, but I'll be testing out that G3 box call trying to convince a long beard to come in for my daughter.:coolgleam

    But have a drink on me!:)

  3. Sorry...

    I too will have to miss this opportunity to attend. :mad: My daughter is in a state competion for Destination Imagination down in Noblesville. :) If they place in the top two, they go on to Globals at the Univ. of Tenn in May.

    To all that will make it, have a great time!:coolgleam
  4. Like them indeed! I'll see if I can't get over that way...have to check the home calendar. I'll be bird hunting in the morning, but may be able to slide over there later...
  5. I should be in the field with my Son that morning as well. However, he is very upset about missing opening day from school to go with me that morning. I hope it doesn't put too much mental anguish on him having to miss a day of school for turkey huntin' ;) I gave him the choice of Turkey Huntin' or the B & G Game & he chose the B & G Game and said he wanted to go with me Wednesday

  6. Well fellers tomorrow is the day! Anyone in the area, C'mon over!
    Jonsie, I'll save a Fuzzy Bloody Mary for ya for next might be a bit moldy and warm by then but...what the heck, just add tobasco!


  7. haha thanks fuzz. I don't think we're gonna make tomorrow. I was hoping to get him in the youth turkey hunt but he took too long for that too haha. You see we stole another prime QB outta southern cal's back yard?? GO IRISH!!