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Is anyone going nuts because of our VP screw-up!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DBurris, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. As an law obeying safety concious hunter and firearms owner this last *&^%^&
    up doesn't help the publics view of firearms. NRA,DNR, and every other official group, organization, and club needs to fill the airways of how most of us sportsmen conduct ourselves in the field. This problem can not be ignored!:bonk:
  2. What I dont understand is here you have two millionaires and neither one buys a game bird habitat stamp(7.00$). I applaud the Texas Officers by not pulling any punches just because he's the VP. Dick should maybe bury his head in the sand and let George handle the campaign.

  3. DNR,

    I ask you one question though and everyone is different, but would I get off with a warning and not a ticket if I was TOO lazy to get a $7.00 stamp. I can pretty much guarantee you I would not be allowed to say "check is in the mail," with only a warning in hand!!!
  4. you know what josh!!

    i've came to the conclusion it won't do much good. it really has started to sicken me how the things celebrities or famous people get away with. i mean when you think about it it's not the officers in the field they do a good job trying to keeping every thing together. it to me is these sympothetic judges and snakeyed lawyers who always go soft on these people. i mean how can you rape a little girl for 4 yrs and then get caught in the act and a judge can actually sit on the bench and give you only sixty days. and look straight at the tv camera and say he did the right thing. how can our govenor sit in support and get his way with these canned hunt people and worry only of their investment. you know "SCREW THEIR INVESTMENT". they drug animals to be shot. it's so pathetic i'm just getting at a loss for words. and then there's the emenint domain thing going on. geese i don't even want to get into that. it's getting so bizzar some of the things people are getting away with i hate to even turn the news on. thank god for a little piece in the tree i sit in.
  5. Something that bothers me, we conservatives excuse Cheney for trying to 'coverup' the accident by saying that Dick is not a people person. He is not good at answering reporters questions. Soooo Just how the **** did he ever get a job in public office?

    On the other hand, we liberals think Cheney is a snake of tremendous magnitude, pointing out everything from the wmd coverup to Halliburton. Sooooo, how the **** di he ever get a job in piblic office?

    I am not trying to incite personal feelings here. I think this is a valuable forum.
  6. i agree with you chapstic. i consider myself consertive but makes me want to distance myself from either party. and you were also right it is hard to keep feelings out of it.
  7. Josh,

    If you were the Vice President of the United States I bet you could. Remember that PROSECUTOR's(Elected position) (*Wonder if the Prosecutor in that rural part of Texas is Republican or Democrat? Any guesses?) have the final say as to which charges are filed and which ones hit the round file.
  8. media

    Guys...what I am getting tired of is the liberal media. If this unfortunate circumstance happens to you or me, its no big deal. Think about it....accidents happen. Not to justify the event and I am not a bird hunter, its sounds to me the hunter that was shot may have been more in the wrong. Again, we only know what we hear or see in print, but he was walking back into the others line of fire. That is really beside my point.

    I have always told my boys not to believe as gospel what you read or are getting information from a liberal media with an agenda. Sorry for the rant!:bonk:

  9. you are right there old rookie. the liberal media. yuk
  10. Still no justification for not having the proper licenses.
  11. how true
  12. VP need a license?

    You would think as Vice President of the USA he might not need all the stamps and licenses. I understand he is a citizen like anyone else and should represent us and be responsible. It's a black eye for the NRA, that's what I hate. They are protecting our right to own firearms.

  13. DNR,

    I understand why the VP did not receive a ticket, but it still doesn't mean that I have to like it! There a lot of things that I don't like about this situation from what we have heard. I also understand that there is also a lot of other information that we do not know at the present time (possibly won't ever know either).

    My question for those who think that this is a case of "liberal" media blowing out of proportion is what did you expect when the 2nd most powerful person in our country accidentally shoots someone?
  14. On the other hand, we liberals think Cheney is a snake of tremendous magnitude, pointing out everything from the wmd coverup to Halliburton. Sooooo, how the **** di he ever get a job in piblic office?

    Are you sure that we couldn't put Clinton for Cheney in the above quote and while we're at it , just put Whitewater where Halliburton is too. Remember, "politicians" belong to both parties...

    WMD coverup??? Saddam had them at one time...didn't he??? Do you remember those two big buildings in New York that those two jet airliners crashed into. Short term memory affects many Americans these days!!!
  15. it all comes down to i have my license's! why dont they? its not right. how are they above the law :confused: they just have more money than me because i buy my license and obey the laws !:banghead3