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IS Fishing and Camping Trip

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by anon782010, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Well, after the tremendous success that was the scoring session at Gander (thanks again Dean, Scott, Bill, and everyone else that made that happen), we have discussed another get together, and got our ducks in order so to speak.

    June 9th and 10th, a saturday and sunday, how about we get together at Chain O' Lakes State Park in Albion, IN. Here is the website with more information.

    Website has more details, but there are cabins and camper hookups, and tent sites, and best of all, LAKES. Campfires, fishing stories, hunting stories, just good times with great people. Figured we might as well just set a date, and try to make it work. No sense waiting any longer.

    Again, JUNE 9th and 10th, Chain O' Lakes State Park...alright fellas, let the discussion and planning begin....
  2. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    Like the other get together, its too far north. Do any of you live in central or southern Indiana? There are alot of places down here, lets make the next shin-dig a little further south. Dont worry guys, we wont let these spooky southern hollers get ya.

  3. I'd like to see something a little more centralized too........not trying to disrupt the Chain of Lakes plan, but maybe we could all plan something on another date and at a location where more members might attend.
  4. i'm in for something more centralized i think its only fair for all
  5. I would be willing to meet ya half way down the state. Its for fun anyway not like it work.
  6. that would be cool !!:bouncy:
  7. I agree

    I would like to see and would attend something in a more centralized location also. I am at the disadvantage of not actually being from the middle of the state or having any real knowledge of the middle of the state. So myself and some others went about picking a date and getting it set for an area that I was familiar with.

    Come on guys, whole lot of weekends left in the summer. :bonk:

    Come June 9th and 10th though, I'm hittin the Sand-Rivir Chain in Albion. :bouncy:

    Anyone else in? :fish:
  8. great idea tmarsh, my son and i are in but how about somewhere more central, thanks ted
  9. Good idea tmarsh.

    Unfortunately, I can't make it. My family and I will be camping at Potato Creek that weekend. My oldest wants to take her horse camping so we will be going to Potato Creek a couple times this summer. Just happens we've already schedule the weekend of June 9.
  10. I'm up for whatever, Trent.
  11. how about us that live south indy that dont want to go up ther pick some where central/southern ? any takers
  12. Brookville (white water park) is nice. It is central N-S, obviously a little far East. Good fishing, big reservoir and White Water lake that is electric only.
  13. I will be fishing the Top-8 at Monroe that weekend, but I think its a good idea. Maybe we can get together after that around central Indiana, maybe at Monroe(Bloomington) or Raccoon(Rockville) for a weekend. Or Treehugger and Dleslie may know some of the strip pits out west where we can camp?
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  15. Gang tree has been trying to get something going down that way and toward him for over a year. tmarsh I am in for about anything that's got to do with fishing/hunting or just getting together. Why don't some of the gang try to come up with something this spring/summer or fall an we can talk about it at the Indy show on Feb 17th. I think it would be a blast.